Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler kept their eye on the prize … and each other during the inaugural season of Love Island Games. The franchise’s U.S.A. beauty and U.K. alum were the only couple to stay together since day one – besides Callum Hole and Liberty Poole‘s shakeup – and they fought their way through each challenge to rise to the top. Justine and Jack have been spending time together after being crowned the season 1 winners and they exclusively tell Life & Style if they’re still together.

Are Justine and Jack Still Together After ‘Love Island Games’?

After soaking in their sweet success (and their shared $100,000 cash prize), the reality stars exclusively dish to Life & Style where their relationship stands.

“Obviously I live in London, so it’s a big bit of water in between us, but we like each other. And that’s what you’ve seen is what it is,” Jack says. “I’m here [in L.A.] right now. I’m planning to come back and hopefully Justine at some point come to London. We’re just having to work around it. Navigate.”


Justine echoes what her onscreen partner says and gushed that she’d “love” to visit him in the U.K.

While Love Island Games was airing, Jack spent a lot of time with Justine in L.A. and even made vlogs with her and costar Cely Vazquez.

What Happened to Jack and Justine During ‘Love Island Games’?

Justine tells Life & Style that “physical attraction” was a big factor in pairing up during the first coupling ceremony because she and Jack “hadn’t had a lot of conversations.”

“I do like that we had that first challenge before we could make a decision. And during that challenge, even though I wasn’t coupled up with Jack, I got to see more of everybody’s personalities and he just was so funny,” the former go-go dancer gushes. “And the way he worked with Cely too, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so supportive and he’s sweet,’ and he was definitely one of my top picks. So, once I was able to pick, I was glad that he was still.”

Jack, on the other hand, admits that Justine’s smile instantly drew him to her but their connection allowed them to “hit it off.”

“I felt like we could easily communicate and we both kind of went into the show thinking about the love aspect. Is it really going to happen? The relationship side, is it really going to happen in three weeks? But then also it’s Love Island Games,” Jack admits. “So, for us, I think we really focused on the game side of things, but naturally we just bonded really well and clicked together.”

Reporting by Brianna Sainez