Despite a few flings here and there, Jersey Shore‘s  Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio was single for the majority of his time on reality television. However, his eligible bachelor ways came to a halt after meeting Nikki Hall. Since Nikki rarely appears on Jersey Shore, fans are wondering what the status of the pair’s relationship is today.

Are Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Nikki Hall Still Together?

Fans have nothing to worry about because Pauly and Nikki are going strong! On a February 2024 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the DJ dished about why he settled down with Nikki.

“It’s like, ‘Alright, I’m done being ratchet,’” he said. “My mentality changed.” He also added, “Something just clicks in your mind when it’s time to just turn down that ratchet life, that single life. You did it all.”

Pauly said that he was “grateful and thankful” to have Nikki in his life. “She’s the type of woman who has those caring and nurturing vibes and family values,” he explained. The two live together in Las Vegas.

How Did Pauly D and Nikki Meet?

On reality TV, of course! The social media influencer was a contestant on season 1 of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny.

It was clear to viewers from the beginning that Pauly and Nikki had a strong connection. That said, the father of one, who shares daughter Amabella with ex Amanda Markert, chose not to pursue anything serious with Nikki at the end of season 1. Instead, he decided to “roll solo” after filming ended.

Going the Distance? See Where Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Girlfriend Nikki Hall Stand Today

When Did Pauly D and Nikki Hall Start Dating?

Thankfully, they reconnected while filming season 2 of Double Shot at Love. By the season finale, a loved-up Pauly D and Nikki claimed they were going to take things slow but come October 2020, fans noticed they were quarantining together in Las Vegas amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Through this pandemic, I’m full of surprises — I grew myself, I grew a beard and I got a girlfriend,” Pauly dished to In Touch during a January 2021 interview.

“Nikki and I, we left Double Shot with a connection, and we rebuilt that connection on Double Shot 2. It’s pretty crazy how my relationship has grown,” the Providence, Rhode Island, native added. “This whole quarantine thing has been a blessing and a curse. It pulled tour away from me, but it brought me closer together with my relationship with Nikki.”

At first, Pauly’s fellow Jersey Shore roomies couldn’t believe he finally settled down. “I never thought I’d see the day,” Deena Cortese joked after Pauly D broke the news of his relationship via Zoom call during season 4 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Will Pauly D and Girlfriend Nikki Hall Get Engaged?

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gushed over the lovebirds, saying that he “definitely sees” the couple getting married in the future. “I think that Nikki and Pauly are definitely living their best life,” he told In Touch in June 2022. “I really can’t tell you exactly how their story ends or what’s gonna happen in the season, but I can tell you that I think this year, that someone’s gonna get down on one knee,” he added.

During a 2023 episode of Jersey Shore, Pauly dished on whether he saw himself marrying Nikki or having kids with her. “I don’t know. It does seem like so much pressure,” he admitted. “We’re just enjoying the moment and going through that. Whatever happens, happens, I feel. I hate the labels and all that. It’s weird.”

Why Isn’t Nikki Hall on ‘Jersey Shore’ Anymore?

Nikki was a staple on season 5 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, but fans quickly noticed her absence during season 6. While Pauly has spoken about Nikki on the show, she hasn’t shown up on any of the group trips since then. The couple has not discussed why Nikki decided to take a step back from filming, but the decision likely stems from the previous drama she had with Angelina Pivarnick on the show.

During a season 5 trip to San Diego, Angelina poured red wine on Nikki amid an argument. Angelina locked herself in another room after the altercation, leading Pauly to literally break down the door to defend his girlfriend.

Although Angelina apologized the next morning, it appears that Nikki is trying to avoid any future drama like this by stepping away from the MTV cameras.

Has Nikki Hall Met Pauly D’s Daughter?

In August 2023, Pauly confirmed that Nikki had met his daughter Amabella, whom he shares with Amanda Markert. “Biggest milestone is [Nikki] met my daughter,” he told People. “Big milestone. Yeah and they love each other, so I’m happy.”

pauly d nikki hall daughter amabella amanda markert

He said that both Nikki and Amabella were “nervous” for their first meeting but said that it went “great.” “I told them they have nothing to be nervous about,” he dished. “And I told Nikki, I was like, ‘She’s just a mini-me.’ And I told Amabella the same thing, ‘Nikki’s great.’ And now they FaceTime every five minutes.”