The gym is supposed to be a judgment-free zone where you can get your sweat on without worrying what people think of you. When celebrities break this unspoken code, fans don’t take kindly to it! Case in point: Arie Luyekdyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham! The couple thought it would be funny to record themselves mocking the patrons in a Spanish gym on March 21, and fans were pissed to say the least.

“This is how they work out here in Spain,” said Arie in an Instagram Story. He’s recording through the window of a gym, and zooms in on a man with short, colorful shorts on. “What is he wearing?” he laughs. “I cannot handle it,” Lauren giggles. Some fans think the goal of these stories is to re-brand their unpopular union as silly and fun, but it’s just not working. “He’s trying so hard to craft a narrative for them after the season but just isn’t smart or self-aware enough to successfully pull it off,” said a fan on reddit. Others think the couple is just downright rude.

arie luyekdyk jr. instagram stories

“God they are such nasty people. Who makes fun of strangers to their large Instagram followings? Wtf,” said one disappointed member of Bachelor Nation. Another agreed, writing, “They are seriously irredeemable.” “She seems like a mean girl and it really rubs off on him,” said a bitter fan. “Um… has anyone thought that maybe he and Lauren are just privileged a–holes?” asked another, and they’re probably not too far off.

Lauren and Arie have been traveling around Europe following the dramatic Bachelor finale where Arie dumped his fiance Becca Kufrin (our new Bachelorette!) to get back with Lauren, and she couldn’t be happier to have him. Only time will tell if they’ll last, but they better be careful with that attitude or they’ll have no one left but each other.

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