UPDATE: Bekah took to Instagram Stories On Jan. 10 to say that she hadn’t seen Kaitlyn’s tweet calling her “mean,” and was ranting about fans’ responses to the podcast instead. She also insists that she misunderstood Kait’s comments on the Bachelor premiere, and apologized for her inaccurate response. “We went off and said some rude things about Kaitlyn. Anyway, I did not mean to make this into a feud, I’m really sorry, Kaitlyn, for the unjustified rude comments. 

Two of our favorite stars from Bachelor Nation are currently feuding, and it’s breaking our little hearts. After Kaitlyn Bristowe returned to the franchise to help host watch parties for the premiere of Colton’s emotional season of The Bachelor, Bekah Martinez had something to say. And on her new podcast, Chatty Broads, she let it rip. When those comments got back to the Bachelorette, it seemed to ignite a feud, with Kaitlyn demanding an apology and Bekah seemingly refusing to give one. Watch the video above to see what they each had to say, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

But after insisting that her words and critiques weren’t mean, Bekah seemed to walk back the statements. Her refusal to apologize seemed to take an about-face when a post on the Chatty Broads‘ Instagram Story went up just one hour later. “Many of you babes have informed us that Kaitlyn’s comment about being ‘cheesy’ was in reference to Bri(e),” the contestant with the Australian accent, the message read. “Which is actually… hilarious. We were probably loudly discussing (yelling) something else and missed it. We will always stan Kaitlyn.”

Chatty Broads Clarifies Their Comments On Kaitlyn Bristowe
Instagram/Courtesy of Chatty Broads

The post was pretty much the opposite of what Bekah had to say. And as it turns out, that’s because Bekah didn’t write it. In a follow up video, her co-host, Jess Ambrose, cleared the whole thing up. “Alright, everybody, we’ve been receiving a lot of comments regarding the past post about the Kaitlyn comment correction and that people are upset that Bekah is changing her mind from the podcast and going back on things,” she admitted. “Number one, I wrote that post, not Bekah. I do stan Kaitlyn. I love her.”

She clarified, though, that she did still think the intro of the show was “cringey.” “Can’t go back on that,” she continued. “Felt like it was uncomfortable. Was it her fault? No. She probably did the best she could. But I love her and I also — We heard the wrong thing so I wanted to correct that because we were getting a lot of messages saying that it was Bri instead of the sloth who we thought it was.”

Jess Ambrose Chatty Broads Instagram Story
Instagram/Courtesy of Chatty Broads

But that wasn’t her only point. Jess also wanted to stand up for her friend and co-host. “Number two. If Bekah were to have changed her mind, it’s not such a bad thing,” she said. “You know, it’s cool if she changes her mind about things instead of her having a stubborn opinion and people’s ideas coming in and shifting. So her mind will change sometimes. She’s human. But it was me.” Captioning the video, she added, “She’s a smart a– woman who changes her mind when it’s called for.”

Which all just begs the question that if Bekah didn’t change her mind when it comes to what she said about Kaitlyn, are they still feuding? And does that mean we’ll never get a Chatty Broads and Off The Vine collaboration? Because that just may be more than we can bear.

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