Katherine “Kat” Izzo was given the villain title by Bachelor in Paradise fans after the reality star stepped on her costars’ toes and seemingly had no problem doing it throughout the season. The Bachelor alum ended things with Brayden Bowers on a bad note before later swooping John Henry-Spurlock’s rose from Olivia Lewis.

“On reality TV, being open and vulnerable is tough. It shows that, like everyone else, we have missteps in life. We are all genuine people, and I apologize if my actions on the show inadvertently hurt others,” Kat, 27, captioned her lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, November 14.“In the unfiltered lens of reality TV, where vulnerability is both a strength and a struggle, it’s a reminder that as humans, we’re bound to make mistakes along this unpredictable journey.”

The registered nurse went on to declare her behavior as “a call for understanding and kindness, not as victims or villains,” before urging fans to “recognize” her “shared vulnerability” and “encourage growth, learning, and understanding.”

Although a few of Kat’s fellow BiP singles like Rachel Recchia, Blake Moynes and Jessica Girod gave their support in the comment section of her post, fans didn’t consider her statement as a sincere apology.

“Why not a simple apology without 100 excuses?” one fan asked as a second person wrote, “I feel like this post has a lot of words but ultimately said nothing.”

“Girl. You are still taking no accountability and have made no apology. Take some responsibility, own up to your actions, and maybe people will have some empathy and respect towards you,” a third fan wrote. “Right now it doesn’t seem like you have any remorse or any idea that you’ve done anything wrong.”

‘BiP’ Star Kat Izzo Apologies for Her Love Triangle Drama

Upon entering the beach for Bachelor in Paradise season 9, Kat and Brayden, 25, hit it off. The couple paired up early in the season and were seemingly one of the strongest duos of the season. However, Kat’s focus changed in an instant when Tanner Courtad joined the cast and asked her on a date. She agreed to the date without hesitation and didn’t pull Brayden to the side before she left the beach for a night away with Tanner, 30.

“I don’t think that she handled things very well with Brayden,” Wells Adams said during the October 13 episode of Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I was very, very surprised that she didn’t at least be like, ‘Hey, let’s go talk about this beforehand.’ I also hated — and I love Kat — but I hated when she came down dressed up for the date and he was like, ‘Hey, you look beautiful.’ And she totally dismissed him. That broke my heart for Brayden.”

Brayden attempted to express his sadness to Kat after her date with Tanner, but she dismissed his feelings and said he was being “argumentative.” Although Kat later gave Tanner her rose, she quickly tossed him to the side after he accepted Davia Bunch’s date card.

While seeking out new suitors, Kat ruffled feathers between John Henry, 31, and Olivia, 25, who were getting well-acquainted with each other. Olivia confronted Kat about how she “moved about” with John and admitted that she felt “disrespected” by her.

“I’m not saying you can’ talk to John Henry, that’s a grown adult, you’re a grown adult – you guys can do whatever you want. But at the end of the day, don’t preach you’re a girl’s girl if you’re not gonna come to me and at least be like, ‘Hey, you’re saying that you have a relationship with him. I’m interested in exploring this, too,’” Olivia told Kat, who was rolling her eyes through the conversation.

“I just haven’t really felt like we had developed a friendship that I needed to come to you. I’m closer with the other girls and if this was one of them, I absolutely would express that to you,” Kat replied before making a jab, questioning if Olivia has respected the rest of the cast this season.

The drama was left unresolved as Olivia put her hand in Kat’s face ​before joining the rest of the group at the bar.