In a surprising twist of events, Becca Serrano abruptly chose to leave Bachelor in Paradise after only one episode. Becca first appeared in Zach Shallcross’ season ​27 of The Bachelor ​in 2023, ​and was sent home on night one, but this time it was her decision to leave the competition.

Why Did Becca Leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

When the rose ceremony in the ​November 9 episode began, host Jesse Palmer noticed Becca was missing from the group. When he went to investigate her absence, she explained.

“I feel like there was lots of doubt about my relationship with Brayden, and I’m kind of listening to that,” the nursing student explained. “I want to see if what we have is real, but I just am afraid that, what if it’s not?”

Jesse gave her the option to come back with him to the rose ceremony, and at first, it seemed like that’s exactly what she was doing. However, she made an abrupt left turn and walked up the steps and out of Paradise forever without another word.

'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant Becca Serrano
Becca Serrano/Instagram

Who Did Becca Go on a Date With in ​’Bachelor in Paradise’?

Becca’s sudden departure from the sandy beaches of Mexico shocked viewers and contestants alike, especially after she seemingly had a successful date with Brayden Bowers.

Soon after her arrival in Paradise, the California native set her eyes on Brayden and asked him on a date. He happily obliged and later Becca gushed about the good time the two had together.

“Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better first date, for literally just coming in,” she told ​​Jesse during the episode. “So I’m pretty happy about that.”

Brayden also raved about their time together and even said that Becca was “100% getting his rose” that night.

Unfortunately, he never got the chance.

When Jesse returned to the cast he said, “I found Becca, I was able to talk to her, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take part in the rose ceremony. And, unfortunately, she decided to leave Paradise forever.”

Has Becca Addressed Her Departure from the Show?

Everyone remains fairly confused on Becca’s decision to self-eliminate after one date, and she hasn’t addressed her decision since leaving. Bachelor in Paradise season 9 filmed in June 2023, so she’s had plenty of time. None of her castmates have spoken about the incident either.

As for whether or not she and Brayden chose to pursue a romance outside of BiP, it looks unlikely. Neither of them follows ​the other on Instagram, which tends to be a telltale sign they’ve severed ties.​