Falling in love again! Camila Mendes is enjoying life with boyfriend Rudy Mancuso. While the Riverdale star has yet to confirm their relationship head-on, she’s been hinting at their romance for months.

“I am still in the honeymoon [phase], but it’s one of those situations where I feel like, and I’m really trying to temper myself here,” the CW star said while appearing on Dear Media’s “Going Mental” podcast in January 2023. “I don’t wanna, like, speak above and beyond, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and that’s something I actually have never felt before.”

Keep reading for more details on Camila and Rudy’s romance. 

Who Is Camila Mendes’ Boyfriend Rudy Mancuso?

The New Jersey native is a music star and internet personality. Before his relationship with Camila, he was in a long-term romance with The Fosters star Maia Mitchell. Rudy and Maia dated for six years before Us Weekly confirmed their split in April 2022, with a source telling the outlet that their breakup had happened “a few months” prior.

How Long Have Camila and Rudy Been Together?

According to her “Going Mental” podcast appearance, the relationship is “new-new as of like June.” Fans started to speculate that she and the “I Think I’m Cool” singer were more than friends when she shared a “life update” via Instagram in November 2022.

Who Is Camila Mendes' Boyfriend? Singer Rudy Mancuso's Job, Music, Roles and More Details
Rudy Mancuso/Instagram

Camila appeared to soft launch her relationship with a selfie snapped in the mirror of a sliding door. Fans could see the Do Revenge star cozied up to a mystery man, who appeared to be giving her a kiss. At the time, fans were quick to speculate this was Rudy. This appeared to be confirmed as she continued to share photos of the singer in various social media posts.

They went Instagram official on Valentine’s Day in 2023 when they both shared romantic photos on Instagram, showcasing their love.

How Did Camila and Rudy Meet?

The couple is set to star in the upcoming Prime Video film Música, which was announced in April 2022. Around the time Camila said they started dating, she and Rudy are spotted out and about in New York City together, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail. Then, in September 2022, they arrived at the Venice Film Festival together.

Following their social media soft launch, Camila posted various other Instagram posts featuring Rudy. In one December 2022 slideshow, he was making music with her family during what appeared to be a holiday celebration.

Further discussing her relationships on the “Going Mental” podcast, Camila said that she prefers to “stay friends” with her exes.

“For me, a successful relationship is when I can walk away from that relationship being like, we didn’t work, but I have nothing but love for you,” she shared. “Even if I’m resentful or upset, the love I have for you is beyond romantic love. It’s just human-to-human love.”