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‘Toi et Moi’ 2-Stone Engagement Rings: See Megan Fox, Ariana Grande and More Rocking the Trend

Why have just one amazing diamond on an engagement ring when it could fit another precious stone? The trend of having two large gems has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among celebrities.

The “toi et moi” style, which is French for “you and I,” is when two contemporary gemstones are included in an engagement ring. That’s what Machine Gun Kelly did with fiancée Megan Fox‘s stunning ring, adding a large teardrop emerald in the same shape as the diamond on her band.

MGK explained in his January 12, 2022, Instagram engagement announcement, “I know tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love.”

The “Bloody Valentine” rocker later told Vogue how the two-stone ring can come apart to form two separate engagement rings. “It’s a thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment. It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine. And the diamond was directly from Stephen [Webster]. The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings. When it’s together, it’s held in place by a magnet. So, you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart.”

Ariana Grande is another star who has two different gems on her engagement ring from now-husband Dalton Gomez. When the pair got engaged in December 2020, the realtor presented the singer with a diagonal set oval-cut diamond next to a pearl, which is Ari’s June birthstone.

The pearl may have had a more personal meaning to the “7 Rings” songstress. After her beloved grandfather’s death in 2014, Ariana tweeted that her grandmother had a ring made for her with “the pearl from grandpa’s tie pin,” adding, “She says he told her in a dream it’d protect me,” and shared a photo of the sentimental jewelry.

Ari wore the pearl ring on numerous occasions after her grandfather’s death, and the gem was something so close to her heart. While it’s unclear if Dalton used the same pearl to craft her engagement ring, the precious gem is a constant reminder of the bond she had with her late grandpa.

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