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She’s a ~Bombshell~! See Charlize Theron’s Stunning Bikini and Swimsuit Pictures Over the Years

Charlize Theron has and always will be a total ~bombshell~ in Hollywood. The actress rose to prominence in the late 1990s in films such as The Devil’s Advocate and The Cider House Rules. Now, she is considered one of the world’s highest paid actresses after appearing in major hits, including Snow White and the Huntsman, Atomic Blonde and Bombshell. Though she is busy juggling her career and raising her adopted children, Charlize sometimes takes a break from the spotlight by hitting the beach, wearing a stunning bikini or swimsuit

“Me and my girls 4 life [sic],” she captioned an Instagram video post in August 2021, which featured her and her daughters, Jackson and August, holding hands as they jumped off a boat into the sea. For the epic slow-motion moment, Charlize donned a stylish black two-piece.

In the past, the South Africa native has also been spotted modeling swimwear. In March 2014, Charlize posed for a photo shoot in various bathing suits on a beach in Miami, including a plain black one-piece, a silver metallic two-piece and a simple white bathing suit. 

While Charlize exudes an enviable confidence, she opened up about her insecurities in a September 2014 interview with Modern Luxury

“I do not have a perfect body,” she said. “I’m always finding things I can work on, but I definitely have reached a point where I feel comfortable and happy with the way my body looks.”

The Monster actress also touched on her diet, noting that it isn’t super strict. 

“I definitely am not one of those people that is constantly counting calories and doesn’t allow myself to enjoy food,” Charlize added. “I love food, but I just try to be mindful of what I eat and be good to myself.”

However, the blonde beauty explained that she enjoys hiking with her mom to keep up with physical exercise. 

When it comes to her healthy self-esteem, the mom of two said, “I like to think I am a woman who is comfortable [with] and celebratory of my strengths … and indulges in the qualities that make me feel beautiful.” 

Nevertheless, the Tully star has also criticized pressuring beauty standards, primarily on how younger women receive more praise for their youthfulness than older women.

“It’s ironic that we’ve built the beauty world around 20-year-olds when they have no f—kin’ concept about wisdom, what life is about, having a few relationships below [their] belt and feeling hardships, to grow into [their] skin and feel confident within [themselves] and to feel the value of who [they] are, not because of a man or because of something like that,” Charlize told Elle in August 2014. “And I think that’s such a beautiful thing.”

She then addressed the double standard that women face in comparison to men when they age.

“I think people say women come into their prime in their 40s,” the Oscar winning actress continued. “And then, for some reason, our society just wants to go … it’s like a dead flower. It’s like we wilt for some reason. And men are like fine wines — the older they get, the better they get. It’s such a misconception, and it’s such a lost opportunity because that’s when I think women are really in the true moment of their sensuality.”

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