In it for the long haul? Chris Harrison exclusively tells Life & Style his thoughts on Bachelorette Clare Crawley and fiancé Dale Moss’ relationship after being asked if they’re on “the same page” about having babies. “I think they are the good yin and the yang,” the Bachelor host says.

The season 16 leading lady, 39, and the former football player, 32, caught some side-eye from fans when they were asked “what’s next?” for their relationship during the midseason After the Final Rose on November 10. “Babies!” Clare excitedly declared, while Dale completely glossed over her statement.

Clare Crawley's Quotes on Children Babies and Family
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“I think that it was really funny because Dale didn’t even blink,” Chris, 49, tells Life & Style about the hilariously candid moment while promoting his wedding ring collaboration with Manly Bands. “He walked right through that and just kept talking.”

The ABC personality notes the “cute moment” was actually a perfect example of why the reality pair makes a “great couple.” 

“Dale is very centered. I think he’s very calming. He’s a very chill guy and Claire is fiery,” Chris explains. “She’s emotional. She’s impetuous in moments like that. She’s going to yell out “babies” and be funny and goofy and embrace it. Dale’s that guy that’s like very relaxed.” All in all, the Oklahoma native says Clare and Dale “balance each other out.”

While the Sacramento native made it clear she’s all in for her future with Dale, many Bachelor Nation couples find it difficult to make things work once the cameras shut off. When asked if he thinks Clare and Dale will stay together, Chris says he hasn’t “seen anything to the contrary.” 

“Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m cheesy ’cause I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I am of the belief that why not support them?” the host adds. “Right now, I know they are head over heels in love. I can tell you that.”

Before Dale got down on one knee and popped the question during season 16, he and Clare received backlash from fans because of their strong bond. Some thought the rest of the contestants were being ignored because the hairstylist was laser-focused on her now-fiancé. They got their happily ever after ending, and Chris thinks everyone should “just get behind [them] for a while and see if this is wild enough to work.”

“It’s easy for people on social media or wherever to say, ‘They’re going to break up.’ Well, you know what, odds are you’re right. Because you know, most relationships do end up like that,” he admits. “But I say, let’s get behind them, let’s support them. They have all my love. I think it’s great. When I see them together, all you feel is love. Even what you see on social media with them — I know that can be deceiving at times — but they are a lovely couple and they really care for each other.”

Good luck, Clare and Dale!