It’s great to see a Bachelor who cares about mental health! Colton Underwood recently shared his experience with seeing a therapist while filming the reality show and added that he still keeps his appointments consistent. Fans loved the leading man being so open about the subject and were encouraged to share their own thoughts about it.

“On a serious note, I see a therapist regularly,” the 26-year-old tweeted on February 25. “This doesn’t make me crazy or delusional … it actually makes me sane. Mental health is HEALTH.”

He attached a longer answer to a question that asked if he was able to contact friends or family for advice during his time on the show. The former football player explained, “They actually provide a therapist on the show, so any time I wanted to met with my therapist I could, which was nice.”

“I’m a big advocate for mental health,” the reality stud continued. “I think just as much as I want to work out and work on my physical appearance, I think it’s really important to exercise your brain as well too.”

He even praised the show’s producers for giving him the chance to focus on his mental health. He divulged, “I can’t say enough good things about how they provide that opportunity for me to have that space and have that security with no microphones or cameras so that when I do need to go vent, or be alone, or talk through things with somebody, I have that safe space.”

Fans loved his honesty and were encouraged to share their own thoughts about the issue. “Thank you for talking about this important issue! Therapy should be just like getting a haircut — do it regularly!” one person wrote. Someone else added, “Thank you for talking about this … It’s nice to see a man talking about something that used to be taboo … You rock Colton!” Another fan praised Colton’s openness, “For this alone, you just became my favorite Bachelor. Thanks for using your platform to raise awareness and visibility.”

Keep it up, Colton!

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