On season 23 of The Bachelor, Tayshia Adams revealed to Colton Underwood that she got divorced before she went on the show. However, it seems like the brunette beauty, 29, might not have been telling the whole truth about her romantic past. Tayshia was in a serious relationship with Chase Olswang — a runway model from Huntington Beach, California — right before the season premiered.

“I started calling her my girlfriend right off the bat,” Chase exclusively told Life & Style in February 2019. The former couple started dating around November 22, 2017. “We started hanging out right away and just realized we liked each other a lot. I guess you would call it a serious relationship.”

He continued, “I would definitely say our relationship was a little more serious not right before the show, but more toward the beginning of our relationship. Closer to The Bachelor, it was more on and off dating. It was still exclusive dating, but however you want to label it.”

The brunette beauty wasn’t married to her ex still, but she did confess to Chase that she just went through a divorce. “I didn’t pay attention to that until the second or third time she told me,” he said. “You know when you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t really pay attention to everything somebody says right off the bat? So, she had mentioned it to me again about two or three weeks into us being a thing. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, I told you I had recently just gotten out of a divorce.’”

Chase was slightly blindsided that Tayshia decided to ditch their relationship for a chance to be on reality television. “It wasn’t a full surprise that she went — we did talk about it. But it was surprising. It’s not like I knew right away,” he spilled.

Chase - Tayshia Adams ex

The California native revealed that her friends nominated her to go on the show, but he was a little confused as to why she would give up on their budding romance. “I really loved her,” he said. “There was a point where I did think she was the one. I don’t know if she completely reciprocated the same thing — I thought she did. We talked about marriage and kids more than once, so I feel like she was in the similar type of mindset, but apparently not.”

However, Chase wasn’t bitter about the whole situation. He admitted Tayshia is a “good person” and he “wishes” her and Colton the best. He also revealed that ever since Tayshia ended her marriage, she realized she wants to be selfish and do her own thing right now. At the end of the day, Chase explained his feelings were “still there” for Tayshia.

But Tayshia went on to compete for Colton’s heart and was sent home after their fantasy suite date. She returned to the franchise on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. That’s where she met Bachelorette season 15 contestant John Paul Jones. They started dating on the show, but they broke up before the end of the season. By the time they returned for the live aftershow, they had already rekindled their romance but split again two months later. Now, Tayshia is tapped to be the season 16 Bachelorette as a replacement for former lead, Clare Crawley.