Paris Hilton has talked openly about plastic surgery over the years and has no shame admitting what she has (or hasn’t) done to achieve her gorgeous looks. 

The Life of Paris star said she has stayed away from popular injectables over the years. 

“I’ve never done an injection — no Botox, no fillers. Most of my friends have been doing that [Botox or fillers] for years, since they were in their 20s, but I’m so happy that I’ve not done anything,” the hotel heiress told the Telegraph’s Stella magazine in July 2021. 

Instead, the Confessions of an Heiress author is a fan of a microcurrent machine called NeurotriS to keep her facial muscles firm. Beverly Hills esthetician Heather Nicole, who treats the reality star, claims on her website that the non-invasive procedure “treats everything from acne to anti-aging and pigmentation/photodamage.”

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery
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The “Stars Are Blind” singer noted her skincare regime has evolved to a more mature place along with her style. “I used to have more of a Barbie-raver, club-kid vibe, and now, I’m more elegant and wearing Lanvin, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta,” she told the outlet.

Paris revealed she’s been “obsessed with skin care” since the young age of 8 in a November 22 interview with Bustle, adding, “I get facials all the time. The heiress detailed that oxygen facials, Hydrafacials, and facials that include electromagnetic stimulation devices are part of her regimen.

The entrepreneur reiterated that she still had not turned to using Botox or fillers on her face. “I’m all about being all-natural, and I feel that when you use lights and electricity, it’s amazing what the results are,” she said.

The blossoming disc jockey has sung the same skincare tune for years. In 2016, she explained that she’s simply not interested in injectables or surgery.

“Yes, I’m very proud that I am all natural and have never had anything done. I am very happy with myself. But I don’t judge others. People should do whatever makes them feel happy. It’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do,” she told Galore magazine in November of that year.

After being in the public eye for more than two decades, the Simple Life alum reflected on her fame and even being called an “icon.”

“I’ve been called [an icon] by people, and I found it very flattering, but I’ve never used it to describe myself,” she said. “It makes me happy to be an inspiration to people. I am all about girl power and women being fierce and independent. So, it’s nice to see women following my lead and doing things on their own instead of just depending on a man.”

Of course, the “This Is Paris” podcast host is happy to show the world she’s more than her gorgeous looks. “If someone hasn’t met me yet, they automatically have their misconceptions about me. As soon as I am in a board room in front of them talking about my business, they immediately know I’m not the dumb blonde they thought I was,” she added.