Looking for Mr. Right! Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia’s contestant Tino Franco has been a frontrunner during the entirety of season 19, which also stars co-leading lady Gabby Windey. See spoilers about what happens between Rachel and Tino, including if they get engaged, below. 

Does Rachel Recchia Pick Tino Franco?

Rachel’s final rose does indeed to go Tino, 27, during the finale and they get engaged, according to Reality Steve. However, they have reportedly called it quits since filming wrapped.

The pilot, 26, admitted she was attracted to the Playa Del Rey, California, native from the moment she laid eyes on him. 

“Straight — I would say out of the limo, but the forklift, I guess — I felt like he was definitely my type,” Rachel gushed on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast about Tino, who also earned her first impression rose. “I was really excited to talk to him and then he really did make a special moment for me inside and asked for the first kiss, which was really sweet. So it was a hard decision, but it definitely was the right one.”

Are Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Still Together? Finale Spoilers About If They're Engaged
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Their instant spark even surprised Gabby, 31, who joked, “I was like, ‘Oh, really? I just didn’t actually know that she was into a handyman so now we know!” 

Do Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Get Engaged?

The contractor reportedly proposes during the finale, and he and Rachel get engaged during the final rose ceremony. 

The Florida resident had a bit of a rough start during her journey to find love and faced a few rejections, like when contestant Logan Palmer said he wanted to switch to Gabby’s group of guys. In hindsight, she looks back and understands it was all part of the process. 

“I don’t remember how many I had, but it did feel like one after another, and it was really hard for me to keep it together throughout the rose ceremony,” Rachel told Variety in an interview published on August 8. “Ultimately, I think that’s what needed to happen. No one could have predicted it, so we were just taking it as it came in the moment.”

Are Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco Still Together?

Rachel and Tino’s relationship was not built to last, and they have since split, per Reality Steve. Before their romance crashed and  burned, they actually seemed like a great match.

That being said, the leading ladies are looking back with no regrets. Gabby teased that the Bachelor Nation babes were thrilled with the outcome of their joint season. “We’re both really happy,” the nurse told Hollywood Life. “I think we did everything we felt was right in the moment and we stand by everything.”