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We’re ~Not OK~ With Dylan O’Brien’s Transformation From ‘Teen Wolf’ to Today: Photos Over the Years

From a teen heartthrob to newly flirty and 30, Dylan O’Brien has had a subtle yet spectacular transformation over the years. And, yes, we did call him a heartthrob because he’s had women swooning over him since his early days on Teen Wolf as Stiles Stilinski.

The entertainer went through a drastic transformation for his role in the 2022 film Not Okay, in which he costars alongside actress Zoe Deutch. In the movie, Dylan plays a wannabe online influencer who’s a total f–k boy. The Maze Runner lead cut his locks and transformed his hair into a bleach-blonde buzzcut and added a heaping amount of fake tattoos on his body. 

After countless requests from fans asking to see his new ‘do, the movie’s official TikTok account almost broke the internet in August 2021 after they posted a video of the big reveal. In the video, Dylan was seen in his normal look before the camera cut to his new bad boy features, and fans went wild.

“This movie is called ‘not okay’ because after this I’M DEFINITELY NOT OKAY,” an online user commented, while another wrote, “falls in love more than he already was.”

For the most part, the three-time MTV movie-award winner didn’t have a problem undergoing the bad boy look for the role. “I enjoyed [the hair] when I had it. When I was first going to do it, I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m gonna f–king be bleached for a month. This is gonna be insane,’” he told Glamour in July 2022.

“I also had to shave my arms for the fake tattoos, which was weird. But I ended up enjoying them both. No, I’m kidding. I didn’t enjoy the arms thing, but I had a blast with the blonde thing. It was fun,” he added

When it came to acquiring a new personality for the role, however, he used personal experience to portray a bonafide fame-hungry poser. Being around people who belongs to that world in real life, Dylan just mocked what he’s seen people do in the past.

When I was on a TV show, they would sometimes have these influencers come to set for promotional things, and I was just fascinated at the characters they put on,” he continued. “It was a Fortnite skin of tattoos, different-colored hair every day, talking with a blaccent even though they’re just, like, white kids from suburban neighborhoods, you know?”

Whether it’s for a new role or a new chapter in his life, the American Assassin actor always levels up through his life transformations. Keep scrolling to see him over the years!