Love Is Blind showed Amber Desiree “AD” Smith get her heart broken during the season 6 finale when Clay Gravesande left her at the altar, but viewers want her to get a second chance at love on The Bachelorette. Several fans rallied around the former NFL cheerleader and begged ABC to pick her as the next Bachelorette.

“Please let’s get AD on The Bachelorette or something! She really tried to find [love]. She tried thinking outside the red flag box with Matt until he messed it up, only to do all she could to stick it out with Clay for him to embarrass her at the altar,” wrote one Love Is Blind fan on X on Wednesday, March 6.

Another fan said ​on the same day, “I want AD to be picked for The Bachelorette. It’ll be nice to see men fight for her love,” while a third said they would love to see AD on everything from The Bachelorette to The Traitors because “she deserved more.”

While ABC has yet to respond to the fans’ suggestions, it’s clear there would be several people tuning in if AD, 33, landed the gig.

During Love Is Blind season 6, AD developed two connections early on during her time in the pods. At first, it seemed like ​she and fellow star ​Matthew Duliba were meant to be as AD couldn’t stop gushing about Matt’s way with words. However, that quickly came to an end when she discovered he was saying the exact same things to Amber Grant, another woman in the pods. AD and Amber, 31, discussed Matt’s way with words, and Amber left the show. When AD confronted Matt, 37, he seemed shocked but ultimately decided he wanted to leave to “get Amber.”

Love Is Blind's AD Smith and Clay Gravesande hold hands and look at one another at the altar.

AD also connected with Clay, 31, and while they had some rocky moments while still in the pods, she accepted his proposal. The couple seemed to run into almost no roadblocks during the weeks leading up to the wedding, and it appeared as though the two were on the same page. It was clear that AD thought the same thing. While AD said “I do,” during the ceremony, Clay admitted he didn’t feel ready to get married.

“This has been the best process,” Clay began. “AD, I love you. I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say, ‘I do,’ but I want you to know that I’m rocking with you.”

He continued, “I still need work. I still need to get to the point where I’m 100 percent in, and I’m not gonna have you over here thinking that this isn’t going to work.”

Clay apologized when the two had a chance to talk after the ceremony and it seemed as though he wanted to continue his relationship with AD outside of Love Is Blind, but AD later told producers that she couldn’t see that happening.