Nowadays, actress Gwyneth Paltrow is a staple in the world of wellness. Her brand, Goop, went from being a lifestyle baby to a lifestyle giant in only a few years, and the 46-year-old mom of two did it all by being dedicated to bettering her body. But when it comes to her kids, Apple and Moses? Well, it turns out they’re not quite as interested in the whole health thing as their mom is. In fact, Gwyneth recently got candid about the foods her kids love with ES Magazine and spoiler alert: pizza is the fave, y’all.

“If I left her alone, my daughter would order a large cheese pizza every day,” the Oscar-winner revealed to the outlet. “People have such a funny idea of me, but my life is pretty normal stuff. Kids are kids. They want to eat what they want to eat. Probably three or four days a week when I get home from work there’s the carcass from a pizza.” Um, we’re dying. Sounds like all the kids we know, too!

gwyneth paltrow kids apple moses pizza wellness goop
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Despite her kids’ penchant for pizza, we can’t forget Ms. Paltrow’s work as an advocate for gluten-free eating back in the day before the trend took off. “People thought I was insane. They were up in arms when my books first came out, and now look: it’s a billions of dollars market,” she reflected.

Ultimately, Gwyneth feels pretty in tune with the wellness and lifestyle communities, almost as though she’s got a sixth sense about it all. “I’ve often somehow had a sense of where things are going in this space, and gone towards it and people have followed,” she explained. “That’s why it stopped worrying me or hurting my feelings because I’m like, ‘I know where this is going.’ The louder they shout, the quicker they adopt!”

That’s the spirit, girl — we trust ya.