We’re not sure what we admire more about Whitney Simmons: her killer bod or her powerhouse moves in the gym! The always-positive fitness influencer is a big fan of weightlifting, but even she admits that it can be super intimidating to hit the squat rack at the gym for the first time. Luckily, she revealed her tips for getting started while chatting exclusively with Life & Style about her new Gymshark line that officially launched on September 26, plus snacking ideas and how to dress up your athleisure basics! 

How to Get Started Weightlifting

“I love weight training. Weight training is my go-to,” Whitney gushed. “I feel so strong and powerful [when I do it!]” The 26-year-old admitted that in her younger years, she went to the gym with the intention of being as “skinny and small as possible.” To achieve that goal, she strictly did cardio at the gym. But everything changed when she discovered the high of weightlifting. 

Whitney Simmons' Gymshark Collab

“When I discovered weight training, that’s when my entire transformation began, not only for my mental health but obviously my physical as well. My life has changed so much. I just want to be strong! Like nothing makes me feel more empowered than taking an hour to myself every day in the gym, chucking weights around, and taking that time for myself. You leave the gym on this rush, you just feel so good after a session like that!”

We know, it sounds a little scary at first. “When I started going to the gym, it was such an intimidating place to be, especially for a beginner.” Luckily, Whitney has some amazing tips for easing your way into it. “Always go into the gym with a plan,” she suggested. “There are so many free workouts online. I provide a new workout every single day, and there are so many women pushing so many amazing workouts online. Go into the gym with a plan, and start with something that’s dumbbell only.”  

“So go to the dumbbell rack and grab a pair of dumbbells, and take those dumbbells to place in the gym where you feel more comfortable, and you can start weight training at home as well,” she said. “Buying a pair of dumbbells and doing a dumbbell-only workout at home or in a safe spot in the gym, whether that’s a classroom or just a corner, is an amazing way to get into it and is less intimidating.” She promised that the more you practice, the more comfortable you will get, and suddenly trying new things will seem easy!

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BEAUTIFUL BLUE 💙🦋 it would’ve been a crime to not include my favorite color in my range 😩 hitting you with some dumbbell shoulder work girl 👏🏼 pop these into your next shoulder or push workout… let’s doooooo it 1️⃣ superset | 3 sets 12 diamond front raises 12 around the worlds 2️⃣ superset | 3 sets 12 single-arm presses 12 y-presses 3️⃣ 4 sets of 15 | 1 and 1/2 lateral raises woowwwza 4️⃣ superset | 3 sets 10 Arnold presses 12 rainbow raises Wearing my @gymshark x @whitneyysimmons sports bra and leggings in beautiful blue 😩💙 all the details are coming sooooooon!! Song is Trust Issues by @astridsofficial #workouts #workoutroutine #workoutmotivation #upperbodyworkout #shoulderworkout #shoulder #dumbbellworkout #dumbbell

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How to Snack Smart 

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, and Whitney never skips breakfast! “I love starting my morning with oatmeal, it’s a good source of complex carbs in the morning to give me that energy that I need, especially before the gym,” she explained. On top of that, she makes sure to include some source of protein, like scrambled eggs.

But even fitness gurus love a good snack, and Whitney has a tip for that, too! “I love to make a smoothie at home, where you can’t even taste the protein because there’s so much fruit and amazing antioxidants,” she gushed. “I just toss in spinach and fruit and pop in one scoop of protein.”

But that doesn’t mean protein shakes and oatmeal are all she eats! “I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle, so I believe if you eat 90% healthy in the day, it’s okay to have a chocolate chip cookie at the end of the day,” she said. “You’ve got to have that balance, otherwise you’re just going to go crazy. The mental health is what started my entire fitness journey, and if I ate just protein shakes all day everyday I would lose my mind. It’s all about balance. It’s okay to treat yourself — you have to!”

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 How to Dress Up Your Gym Gear for Everyday Wear

Whitney isn’t just a fitness influencer, she’s also a style icon! She’s all about mixing and matching gym basics to make the athleisure look of your dreams. “My favorite thing to do is just pop on leggings with a pair of white sneakers. I love my white sneakers, it’s an unhealthy obsession,” she explained, adding that she loves to combine those pieces with a crop top and denim jacket. When it comes to accessories, she’s all about a good cross-body bag, sunnies, and a baseball cap. Of course, the whole look starts with the staples, and she made sure to focus on those for her Gymshark line.

“I love investing in staple pieces that I can have in my closet for several seasons because they don’t ever go out of style,” she explained. “So I wanted to create a range that was going to be a lot of staples, always going to be something that you can go to for several years to come. And something that was going to make you feel the best you’ve ever felt. I think confidence is so important. The beauty is in all the details of this range, and you put it on a good or bad day it makes you feel your absolute best.” What’s more, the line is super size-inclusive, so everyone can find something they feel amazing in. We can’t wait to see what this powerhouse does next!