Jana Kramer reflects what it was like working with her daughter, Jolie, in Gaslit By My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story and reveals her thoughts on her children pursuing acting careers during an exclusive video interview with Life & Style.

The One Tree Hill alum, 40, says it was “amazing” to see Jolie, 8, act in her latest movie. “I am just so proud of her. I was reading the script and I was like, ‘Oh, 8-year-old daughter. Amazing,’” Jana tells Life & Style about how her eldest child got the role. “She’s done little extra things in movies, and so I knew she was kind of wanting to do more.”

After Jana spoke to Jolie about the part, she immediately wanted to audition for the role. “I worked with her for a couple weeks and we put it on tape and she booked the part,” Jana shares. “I’m just so wildly proud of her because she is … she’s such a beautiful, loving little girl.”

“I appreciate the fact that, you know, she just gave it her all and she was confident,” she continues, adding that “it was beautiful to watch” Jolie come into her own on the set.

Jana appears in the film as Morgan, while Jolie plays one of her two kids with her husband, Rodney (played by Austin Nichols). The film follows Morgan coming to terms with the physical, emotional and sexual abuse in her marriage and ultimately leaving the relationship.

Not only did the “Love” singer praise Jolie for her acting abilities in the Lifetime movie, but she also reflects on the possibility of her children pursuing acting careers. She shares Jolie and son Jace, 4, with ex-husband Mike Caussin, and son Roman, 6 months, with fiancé Allan Russell.

“I just want to give my kids every opportunity and let them try whatever they want to try,” Jana says, adding that acting is something that Jolie “wants to keep doing.”

She continued, “I’m never gonna hold my kids back from something. Now, is it my dream for my kid to be an actor? No.” Jana explains that she doesn’t want her kids to deal with the “tough” parts of acting, including “daily rejection.”

Jana Kramer Discusses Working With Daughter Jolie in 'Gaslit By My Husband’: ‘So Proud’
Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

“I want to be honest about what that could look like for her, and that would be tough as a mom to witness,” she continues. “But, you know, if it’s something she wants to do, I’m not gonna tell her no.”

Fans can watch Jolie’s first major acting role when Gaslit By My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story premieres on Lifetime Sunday, June 9, at 8 p.m. ET.

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