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Jessica Simpson’s Sexy Leg Photos: Her Muscular and Toned Legs in Shorts, Miniskirts and More

Jessica Simpson is giving Carrie Underwood a run for her money on which celebrity has the sexiest and most toned legs. The entrepreneur has spent the last few years focusing on leg workouts and has the most impressive, muscular limbs.

The singer first gave fans a glimpse that her legs had suddenly become her most enviable body part in a May 2020 mirror selfie wearing extra short workout shorts that showed off how ripped she’d become. Jess had become devoted to doing up to 12,000 steps per day while losing weight after her third child, and it showed in her leg muscles.

Jessica impressively lost 100 pounds in the six months following the March 2019 birth of her daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, whom she shares with husband Eric Johnson. She gained a similar amount of weight during her two previous pregnancies with daughter Maxwell Drew, born in May 2012, and son Ace Knute, who came along 13 months later in June 2014.

“I believe in setting small goals for yourself because in my life and how I’ve done it. There are easy ways to throw in the towel and just feel like it’s impossible,” Jessica said during an April 2022 appearance on The Real, adding, “So the small goals for me are what helped me achieve the main goal.”

Earlier that same month, Jess flaunted her toned and trim body in a bikini on Instagram and humble bragged about her weight loss achievement. “I have gained and lost 100 pounds 3 times so I never thought this moment could or would happen, but I’m finally spring breakin’ wearin’ a BIKINI!!!!!!” she gushed next to the swimsuit photo.

She went on to explain during her appearance on The Real, “I got super emotional, and I was like, ‘I did this, it happened.’ So, it was just in the moment, and I wanted to share it with everyone because I was very proud of myself for doing what, at times, felt completely impossible.”

Jessica’s legs have now become her most famous asset and she works hard to keep them so shapely. “We alternate exercises every third day,” her trainer, Teri Ann Krefting, told People in December 2020. “So we’ll do squats and lunges one day for quadriceps, deadlifts or glute raises to tighten the butt and hamstrings the next day, and then plie squats, which are good for inner thighs.” In addition to circuit training five times a week, Jessica also does an hour of cardio exercise.

“She walks on an incline, which helps her calves,” Terri Ann revealed, adding, “And she’s obviously genetically gifted with those legs!” Ya think?

Scroll down for Jessica’s sexiest and most impressive leg photos.