We’re pretty sure country singer Jessie James Decker and her former NFL player hubby, Eric Decker, will always be the ultimate #CoupleGoals. The sweet duo now has three adorable kids under their belt, so you know it’s gotta be a full, but fun, house. Fans and followers are so in love with their love, though, that they’re dying to know when to expect Decker baby No. 4! Luckily for us, the 30-year-old mama recently got candid with OK! Magazine about her and her 31-year-old hubby’s family plans.

“Never say never. We don’t have plans now right now. We are not against it and we are not for it. If it was to happen naturally, a new baby is always a blessing, but right now we have our hands full,” the country star told the outlet.

Unsurprisingly, the fam is having a blast despite being a big crew. When asked about how she feels about being a mom of three, Jessie said, “It’s great! Going from two to three children was a big adjustment. Going from one to two was nothing!” Their youngest baby, Forrest, is the “easiest” little guy and gives his mom and dad “no trouble.” According to Jessie, “he’s always smiling!” Ugh, we love a good and happy baby. So cute.

jessie james eric decker baby number four
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Considering how big the Decker family has gotten, Eric has settled into the retired life, which Jessie says he loves. “I’m so glad that he’s home and we are together all the time, he has been so helpful! He’s been a great help,” she explained.

Plus, with three tiny ones running around, you know this couple treasures their alone time. “We just had a date and we didn’t go anywhere … it was so much fun,” Jessie revealed. “We had a bottle of wine and had popcorn while watching Sex Ed on Netflix. We watched that, had a bubble bath and had wine, it was just fun! It was nice that we can have a date and not going anywhere.”

Despite being one of the most well-loved couples in the public eye, the singer does acknowledge that the secret to any good relationship is being “compatible” with one another. Besides, how else do you end up having three kids?

“Eric and I had such a great foundation before the hard stuff comes in, like getting married and moving and job changes and kids,” Jessie explained. “We went through all those times and we handled it so gracefully, because we had a great foundation to begin with and we keep our lives extremely humble.”