After starring in the “Mean” music video in 2010, Joey King reunited with Taylor Swift to appear in the “I Can See You” music video over a decade later. “It was amazing,” Joey exclusively tells Life & Style about the reunion in a video interview.

“It was so great to come back to do another video for Taylor since I did the ‘Mean’ music video all those years ago and I was just a little, little tiny thing,” Joey, 24, says while promoting her partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “So being able to be part of the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) era feels so good.”

The Act actress adds that she loves Taylor, 33, “so much” and has enjoyed “watching her claim her music back and just be the absolute badass and amazing person that she is.”

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is the third album Taylor has rerecorded after her catalog was sold in 2019. She announced that her fourth rerecording, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), will be released on October 27 during her concert in Los Angeles on August 9.

While Joey was delighted to appear in the music video, which also stars Taylor Lautner, photos from the set were leaked in April months before the video was released in June. She says that she was “happy to keep the secret” and was disappointed when the photos began to circulate online. However, Joey was determined to not spill any details about what they were filming as speculation stirred online.

Joey King Recalls ‘Amazing’ Experience of Working With Taylor Swift: ‘Absolute Badass’
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“I was like, ‘Gosh, who leaked those photos?’ I want everyone to be surprised and everyone to experience that,” she explains. However, Joey adds that “it was exciting to have a secret like that” and knew the work they put into the video would “pay off.”

She continues that having the “lovely secret close to [her] chest” was special because she knew “how amazing it would be for everybody.” Joey shares, “So I was just holding onto it. It was like a beautiful little thing in my heart.”

Joey also shares what it was like working with the “Karma” singer, who directed both music videos she appeared in. “It’s just amazing how she conducts herself on set. And just to watch how she’s changed and grown and how I’ve changed and grown,” she says. “It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a very cool marker of time to be able to have these two videos, to really show all the time that’s passed and how our relationship has grown, as well.”

Joey King Recalls ‘Amazing’ Experience of Working With Taylor Swift: ‘Absolute Badass’
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The Kissing Booth star also speaks about her partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and their Clear the Shelters 2023 campaign, which spreads awareness about the support needed for animal shelters around the country.

After noting she’s “beyond happy and honored” to partner with the company, Joey explains that she became involved because “animals have just always been such a huge part of [her] life.”

Joey currently has two dogs – Fable and Jesse James – that she adopted, so she says the partnership felt like a natural fit. “I’m just so proud to be here with them and to be able to come volunteer today and take some photos of the dogs and just be able to help them with their adoption process,” she shares. “Every pet deserves to have a home.”