Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston is spilling the tea on why she doesn’t get along with former Bachelor Nick Viall. The Washington native claims Nick has made too may “odd” comments about her during his “Viall Files” podcast, and as a result of the feud, she’s blocked him from contacting her. Keep reading for more details about their apparent feud. 

Why Did Katie Thurston Block Nick Viall?

“Does Nick Viall not like you? Nick Viall is blocked from my phone. There’s some tea for you,” Katie, 31, dished to fans during a live TikTok Q&A session on July 10. The reality star went on to explain, “I get DMs sometimes that are like, ‘Oh, my God, Nick won’t stop talking s–-t about you,'” on his weekly podcast.

When Katie confronted Nick, 41, about it, she claimed to have got a passive-aggressive response. “I messaged him one time and I was like, ‘Hey, just so you know, people are finding the things you’re saying [about me] kind of odd.’ And in short, he basically [turned it around on me]. He was like, ‘How great that you have fans that care about you! Don’t take it personally!’” she revealed.

“I don’t know, Nick is just — I don’t know what to say about him, to be honest,” Katie shared, adding that she sometimes “forget[s] he exists.” She ultimately concluded, “Whatever. You do you, Nick. I’ll see you at the top.”

What Did Nick Viall Say About Katie Thurston’s Comments?

“I’m just very, very confused,” Nick’s girlfriend, Natalie Joy, shared about the feud during the July 11, episode of the “Viall Files” podcast. “I know for a fact — Nick has only ever tired to help her and give her advice, which she’s never taken. So, I am just confused.”

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Natalie went on to speculate that Katie blocked Nick because “she is trying to protect herself from texting Nick things she shouldn’t be saying.” She went on to tell Nick he should “read the text because it gives clarity.” The former ABC star read their “last text she ever sent me before apparently she blocked me.”

Nick explained the their text conversation happened after he tweeted something about one of her The Bachelorette episodes. Then, he and Natalie read their text exchange.

“Ultimately, my opinion on Greg doesn’t matter. I knew before he left that he wasn’t The One,” Katie apparently wrote. “It was hard watching it back and always giving him validation only for him to leave the way he did, but I knew even then that there was zero chance him and I would have worked in the real world.”

Nick’s reply read, “Well, it’s good that you have clarity as long as you’re happy, thats all that matters.” He claimed that she reacted to the message with a heart.

What Did Katie Thurston Say About Blocking Nick Viall?

Katie recalled the TikTok Live in which she “happened to mention that Nick is blocked” during an August 23 podcast appearance on “Off the Vine” with fellow former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe. She added, “It was whatever.”

Then, Katie shared some “tea” about Nick’s girlfriend, Natalie, before revealing the real reason why he’s blocked.

“Little Miss Natalie is all up in arms over her man. She decides — and Nick doesn’t stop her — to read a text that I had sent Nick,” she recalled. “As if some way to destroy me, who knows? … The reason, ironically, that he is blocked is for sharing my text to somebody else. And so, it’s so funny.”

Katie continued, “So there’s the tea, the reason he’s blocked is for invading my privacy and sharing my text a year ago and here he is doing it on a huge platform.”

Does Nick Viall Have Drama With Other Bachelor Nation Members?

Nick has never been afraid to call out fellow Bachelor Nation stars in the past. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, he said in an Instagram live session, “Stay the f–k home. Stop doing TikTok videos with groups of people in the pool,” after former Bachelorette Hannah Brown quarantined with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, and a crew of pals in South Florida, where they made dancing videos and shared plenty of vacation-like social media photos.

He’s upset at least one other Bachelorette besides Katie by dissing Tayshia Adams in March 2020 as she was in the running to be the next Bachelorette. While the honor ultimately went to Clare Crawley, Tayshia stepped in that summer as her replacement after Clare fell for contestant Dale Moss early into filming and left the show.

At the time of The Bachelorette’s season 16’s casting announcement, Nick believed viewers would find Tayshia, 31, boring and said that she would “have you in bed by 8:30” if she was the show’s lead. He later doubled down on the claim revealing, “She was very mad at me for that, which I was like, ‘Is that that bad?’ Great humans are often not great TV,” he told Us Weekly in September 2020, also adding that Tayshia unfollowed him on social media after his diss.

“I stand by that … I’ve heard from Tayshia a handful of [other] times, which I was like, ‘How does that bother you?’ I don’t understand,” he told the publication, revealing his comment that she would have viewers turning off 30 minutes into the show was because, “That was really just [me] supporting Clare,” and adding “Tayshia is wonderful.”