No smooching here! Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and ex Tyler Cameron revealed they “never kissed” while quarantining together in a new YouTube video. 

The duo shared an update on their relationship status while revealing what really happened between them behind-the-scenes on Tuesday, October 6. “We were just trying to work on our friendship,” Tyler, 27, explained.

Hannah and Tyler couldn’t avoid rumors they rekindled their romance after fans noticed they were hanging out again in March, but the pair was simply rebuilding their bond and leaning on each other after going through tough chapters in their lives. 

The blonde beauty, 26, admitted she was struggling with some emotional turmoil after her brother Patrick’s overdose, while Tyler was mourning the loss of his beloved mother, Andrea, who died at the age of 55 from a brain aneurysm. 

“People think we were hooking up the whole time,” she pointed out, adding they never locked lips during the 18 nights they spent together. Hannah and Tyler said they were “both in a hurt place” and found comfort in each other’s company. 

“We went from a dating show where it didn’t work out, and then not talking to each other, trauma happens, [hanging] out to living together,” Tyler added. They said it was a lot to process and they were both trying to heal from their own wounds.

Hannah Brown Bedroom

It appears shippers will have to be content with their platonic relationship going forward. “We’re trying to be cool being friends,” she added, saying the “pressure” to be something they are not has gone away and really put them both at ease. 

“Everything we’ve been through, all the stuff we’ve done. We care about each other, we’re there for each other, I’m super stoked where we’re at right now,” Tyler said in hindsight after the duo first met on season 15 of the ABC series.

Hannah and Tyler previously became the subject of reconciliation rumors when they stayed together at his Florida home amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Dancing With the Stars alum then relocated to her parents’ house in Alabama for a bit before returning to her Los Angeles-based apartment.

At least they are getting along fabulously!