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Showing Them Off! Kelsea Ballerini’s Legs Are Envy-Worthy: Photos of Her Leggiest Looks

When it comes to performing, Kelsea Ballerini loves taking the stage — and showing off her legs. The “Legends” songstress is always rocking gowns on the red carpet, but when it’s time to perform, she has fun with her looks.

“Fashion is another creative outlet and way of expressing myself,” she told Vogue in June 2021. “The way I dress depends on the day and the mood I’m in — that’s the fun of it all.”

Her 2022 Heartfirst Tour featured multiple sparkly outfits, some shorter than others, putting her legs on full display. Over the years, Kelsea has revealed the secret to keeping those legs toned — and it’s not just from performing in heels.

“We exercise with weights, then without weights, and challenge the muscles in different ways,” Kelsea’s trainer, Erin Oprea, told Women’s Health in 2018. “You have to hit all angles. It’s hard work. Everyone hates me when they’re coming in but loves me when they’re leaving.”

The “Miss Me More” musician, for her part, has since admitted to stepping back in terms of workouts.

“I’ve kind of been the opposite of everyone else,” she told Women’s Health in July 2022. Following the COVID-19 lockdown, Kelsea hit the road with the Jonas Brothers on their 2021 “Remember This” tour. At the time, the Tennessee native recalls hitting “the ground running” and going “so hard to prepare for the tour.”

Then, a year later, she had her own tour to prepare for and realized that she wanted to tone down the preparation.

“As someone that’s really struggled with body image my whole life, I really have to be checked in to, ‘Am I doing this for the right reasons?’ And I felt like by the end of that tour, I was starting to detach from the correct reasons for working out,” she explained to Women’s Health. “I’ll definitely start introducing cardio and strength training again so I can perform well, but I’ve been in a ‘Season of Rest’ before tuning up again.”

Now, her workout routine consists of “really long, slow walks” as a way to “get fresh air and get sunshine and move my body.”

Scroll through the gallery to see the best photos of Kelsea and her legs.