Khloé Kardashian expressed concern for Scott Disick after his drastic weight loss. On the Thursday, June 6, episode of The Kardashians, she addressed Scott’s new figure as they met up to discuss planning Kim Kardashian’s birthday party.

“We’re going to stop losing weight, right?” Khloé, 39, asked Scott, 40. “You look amazing, but …” She trailed off without finishing her sentence and Scott admitted that he was “maybe” going to lose “like three more pounds.”

The Talentless creator then explained how he had gained so much weight before shedding the pounds. “I had no idea how horrible it was,” he said. “What I was doing at night, eating those little bread things. Kylie [Jenner] loves them too, she always leaves them in her car?”

Khloé figured out Scott was referring to Hawaiian rolls, which are approximately 90 calories per roll. “I was pounding a whole box of them a night,” Scott admitted. “I love them. But I didn’t know what I was doing. And I also didn’t know the whole thing about ginger ale being the same thing as soda. It just seemed like a soothing drink.” He said he was “going through 20 ginger [ales] a day” before realizing what he was putting in his body.

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Later in the episode, Khloé commented on Scott’s weight again. “Mom, you’re really skinny,” she told Kris Jenner, before adding, “And Scott, you look … good.” She paused before saying “good,” insinuating that he looked healthy the way he was and didn’t need to lose more weight.

Scott gained weight after injuring his back in a 2022 car accident. He was able to recover without surgery, but he was inactive for several months before changing his lifestyle. Scott previously admitted to being the “unhealthiest” he’d ever been after the accident, while Khloé said, “He’s barely mobile and it’s all from his back.”

On the May 23 episode of The Kardashians, fans noticed that Scott appeared to have the diabetes drug Mounjaro in the butter compartment of his fridge. While the medication is meant for type 2 diabetes, it has also been used for weight loss. However, the reality star has not confirmed whether he had the assistance of a prescription medication in his weight loss journey.

“There’s widespread alarm that there may be something wrong with [Scott’s] health,” a source told Life & Style exclusively in March. “Scott wanted the easy way out of his dad bod, but now it has clearly gone too far.”