Not having it. Khloé Kardashian “went ballistic” after her unedited bikini photo was accidentally leaked on social media, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “She hated it and demanded her team take it down.”

According to the insider, the picture from Easter weekend, which featured the Good American founder, 36, wearing an animal print swimsuit, isn’t something “she would have posted without some serious altering.”

As fans know, Khloé has been called out for heavily editing and Photoshopping several of her photos over the years — accusations she has denied. “Making such a fuss about this one slipping through the cracks just shows how desperate she is to convey an image that really isn’t her,” adds the source. “Fans love the real Khloé; the way she really looks. It’s very hypocritical to tell your fans to own their body types when you can’t do it yourself. It’s disappointing.”

Tracy Romulus, who is the Chief Marketing Officer for KKW Brands, stressed that Khloé’s disapproval of the recent bikini photo had nothing to do with her appearance. “The color edited photo was taken of Khloé during a private family gathering and posted to social media without permission by mistake by an assistant,” Tracy told Page Six in a Monday, April 5, statement. “Khloé looks beautiful, but it is within the right of the copyright owner to not want an image not intended to be published taken down.”

Unfortunately, demanding the photo be taken down “has created the opposite effect that Khloé wanted,” the insider says. “She put a spotlight on it — and now more people have seen that pic than probably would have if she had just left it alone.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star faced a similar Photoshop scandal in February 2021 after releasing images for her new Good American campaign. However, Khloé shut down the speculation.

“I’m cracking up! For a few of those GA photos, we shot on a camera lens that creates a stretching effect. The closer the object is to the camera, they will get elongated. So, in some of my photos, my feet/fingers look incredibly long. Not to worry! I still have normal size hands/fingers,” she tweeted on February 25.