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Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Underwear Photos: Thongs, Bras and More Items the SKIMS Founder Has Modeled

Kim Kardashian has managed to build an underwear empire, and it all started with her love of shapewear. She launched SKIMS in 2019 as a sculptwear brand, featuring body-shaping designs with comfortable fabrics. But as she’s grown the label to include bras, underwear and other products, Kim is her best saleswoman by wearing the sexy items and flaunting the photos on Instagram.

When it comes to any new product launch for SKIMS, Kim is the first to model the garment. She’s worn numerous bra and panty combos in matching sets, and always loves sitting for a mirror selfie to show how amazing they look … albeit on her.

Kim isn’t afraid to wear even her most daring products, including a microthong. She donned the itty-bitty garment for a February 2022 selfie that showed so much skin. Matched with a tiny triangle bra, the item featured small patch of fabric covering her crotch area, with two small strings running over her hips. Though she didn’t turn and show the backside, it featured a G-string rather than a thong, as it was only made up of one string with no extra fabric over the derriere.

The entrepreneur has joked about how impractical the item is as actual underwear. In 2021 when Kim debuted the microthong, she described it as, “[It’s] basically a clit cover, that’s all it really covers.”

Kim explained her reason for founding SKIMS in a 2019 interview with retailer Nordstrom. “I have always loved wearing shapewear but realized there was a lack of options when I couldn’t find anything that really worked for me. Pieces were either too thick, too loose, too tight, didn’t have the right support or just didn’t mold to my body the way I wanted them to,” she explained.

“I began to experiment on my own by constructing pieces made from other garments and I would cut a leg or even dye fabric to get the right shade. SKIMS has really been in the making for over a decade,” she confessed.

Kim then described the importance of well-fitting undergarments. “Any great outfit starts with what’s underneath. If I don’t feel comfortable in my underwear or if it doesn’t fit properly, I am not going to feel good in it, no matter how I look from the outside,” she shared. With the number of times Kim has showed off how she looks in SKIMS underwear, she definitely must feel good in it!

While Kim currently loves modeling her brand’s underwear, she admitted that she likely won’t always feel that way.

“I understand that maybe in my 50s, I’m not going to be wanting to pose in my underwear,” Kim told Time in June 2023. “We’ll do anything we can to look as young as we can. We’re not going to go out not trying.”

Scroll down for Kim’s sexiest photos wearing SKIMS underwear.