Wait… has Travis Barker finally wooed Kourtney Kardashian into dating him?! The celebrities are neighbors, and a report back in March claimed that the rocker has been crushing on Kourt for some time now. Well, she’s since become single again after dumping her much-younger boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, and on Nov. 15, one of Kourtney’s Instagram stories seemed to give away that they’ve been spending more time together. Spoiler alert: it was featuring Travis’ daughter.

After watching her sisters get their own wax figures in the recent past, Kourtney, 39, revealed on her Insta story that the world-renowned wax museum Madame Tussauds would be creating a Kourtney wax figure to go up on display in NYC with her other sisters. Uh, finally, huh? Amidst the exciting news, it was hard for us NOT to notice Travis’ daughter, Alabama Luella Barker, chillin’ front and center in Kourt’s story. “I am getting measured for my wax figure today,” Kourtney captioned the story featuring Alabama playing with some spooky sample eyeballs for the wax figures. She even tagged the 12-year-old’s Instagram. Sounds totally chill, Kourt. Just a regular Friday afternoon.

kourtney kardashian alabama luella barker madam tussauds

The rumors about Kourt and Travis, 43, potentially heating it up have been circling through the internet for what feels like forever now. Back in March, a source told Radar that Travis has “always had a bit of a thing for her” and wanted to ask her out when she split from Scott Disick, only he “missed his chance” when Kourtney started dating Younes almost immediately after. Tough luck, dude. The Blink 182 drummer lives in Kourt’s neighborhood (hello, we love a down-the-block romance!) and their kids, all close in age, hang out a lot. They’ve even had a few cameos on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Rumors are one thing, but hanging out with the kids is a whole other situation. Could it really mean this unlikely pair might be cozying up to one another after all this time? Travis really seemed to be pining earlier in the year. “He wants to take her for dinner at his Crossroads restaurant and wow her with all his favorite vegan dishes,” the source told Radar back in March. Look, their kids love each other, they’re both health conscious, he lives down the block… Kourt, please just give him a chance! Let’s hope this friendship is finally blossoming into something more –– and we get more Insta proof.