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Lady Gaga’s Style Has Changed Over the Years! Her Premiere-Ready Dresses 

A passion for fashion! Lady Gaga never fails to dress to impress as she introduces bold, new looks on the red carpet.  

The “Born This Way” artist has spoken out about her unique fashion throughout her career. Her song “Fashion” lays out her thoughts on how she expresses herself aside from her music. “I take it off, I put it on/ I feel alive when I transform/ But this love’s not material/ Now take it in, and turn me on.” 

While she enjoys wearing fun and eye-catching clothes, Lady Gaga, 35, discussed the truth behind her unique fashion choices. “There’s always a dichotomy within me,” the popstar told Elle in October 2015. “If you see me dressing really out there, I tend to be self-deprecating inside. When I dress like a lady, I tend to be feeling very wild and confident.”  

Since the singer started acting in TV and film roles, her styles have transformed from her iconic MTV Video Music Awards looks. The artist credited that memorable meat dress she wore in 2010 to makeup artist Val Garland.  

“Her and I worked together for a long time and she shared a story with me where she had gone to a party wearing sausages and I thought this was quite funny and I said, ‘Well that’s a great way to make sure that everybody leaves you alone at a party,’” Gaga recalled in an interview with British Vogue on Monday, November 8. 

“We decided to do the meat dress because I thought to myself if we were willing to die for your country, what does it matter how you identify,” the “Just Dance” singer revealed.  

After playing the principal role in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born in 2018, Lady Gaga has flaunted her new outfits from some of Hollywood’s top designers, including Valentino and Armani Price. Now that she is out and about promoting her new 2021 film House of Gucci, which she stars alongside Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Al Pacino, Mother Monster is a sight for sore eyes once again! However, her new style is a clear change from her former premiere outfit choices. 

Scroll through the gallery to see Lady Gaga’s movie premiere dresses over the years.