The drama during Love Is Blind season 6 has been some of the juiciest the show has ever seen, including Jeramey Lutinski’s decision to dump fiancée Laura Dadisman for Sarah Ann. However, fellow costar Jessica Vestal has been an avid defender of Laura and showed her support on Instagram on Thursday, February 29, when she posted a clip of the women comforting Laura after Jeramey ditched her.

In the video, fans commented on Sarah Ann’s behavior and one person wrote in all caps, “SARAH ANN IS NOT A GIRLS’ GIRL,” to which Jess, 29, responded, “Take us to church and preach, friend.”

There were several comments on the photo condemning Sarah Ann, 30, and Jeramey, 32, and Jess agreed with a majority of them. Laura, 34, also commented on the clip and wrote, “Such an awful day. I’m so sooo happy you were there.”

The day in question occurred after Jeramey and Laura had called it quits. The cast members met up for a lakeside barbecue and Love Is Blind viewers saw some particularly tense moments between both Jeramey and Laura, as well as Sarah Ann and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith. Jeramey was flippant during his convo with Laura and hardly acknowledged her hurt feelings.

However, after their conversation, Jess was there to comfort Laura and asked, “Do I need to beat his ass?”

AD, 33, on the other hand, called Sarah Ann out on her choice to message Jeramey after knowing he was engaged to Laura.

Screenshot of Jess Vestal's Instagram post showing comments about Sarah Ann

“You don’t think it’s a little outlandish to tell a man who just got engaged that ‘if the door is still open …” AD said.

Sarah Ann stood by her decision and said, “In this scenario, no.”

Fans immediately began roasting Sarah Ann for her part in the downfall of Jeramey and Laura’s relationship when the official Love Is Blind Instagram account posted a clip of the conversation between AD and Sarah Ann.

“Sarah Ann was hoping that he would leave his fiancée for her and that’s what we call a homewrecker,” wrote one Instagram user.

Tensions between Laura and Sarah Ann began to simmer while the cast members were still in the pods. Jeramey was dating both women and ultimately ended up proposing to Laura. However, after the couple moved into their shared apartment, Jeramey told Laura he was going out with friends, but an off-screen run-in with Sarah Ann led to him staying out until 5:00 ​a.m.