Another summer is over, and the season 5 islanders have officially left the Love Island U.S.A. villa. After weeks of chats, icks and pies, which romances found in paradise will stand the test of time? Fans are wondering which season 5 couples will actually stay together. 

Are Love Island U.S.A.’s Hannah and Marco Still Together?

love island season 5 still together
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Hannah and Marco instantly hit it off during day 3 in the villa. Despite producers bringing in Marco’s ex, Hannah Ortega, into Casa Amor as an added twist, his head was not turned and the couple shared a sweet reunion upon returning to the main villa. 

Hannah and Marco’s connection was so strong that they were accused of “game playing,” which Hannah exclusively told Life & Style following their $100,000 win that she knows it’s “not true.”

“I could care less if people say that we plotted to win. We’ve just been ourselves the whole time,” Hannah explained on September 1, revealing Marco didn’t watch Love Island before joining the cast.

“We made it to the finals – Marco didn’t even know how the money thing worked at the end. He didn’t know how somebody gets an envelope [full of the cash prize.] So, that just kind of shows how it wasn’t something on our minds until it had to be in the final moments.”

Hannah and Marco are still together. After leaving the villa, the pair introduced each other to their respective families and plan on making their long-distance romance work. 

“I think this brings the best of both worlds. We’re an hour from L.A. where she stays, and I’m an hour from Miami where I stay. So I don’t know. I don’t know what could be much better than that,” Marco told Life & Style. “I was blessed enough to have my own place and I said open door policy for her. She can come and go as she pleases however long she wants to stay. I know she is going to love Florida. She’s interested in it. So I’m excited.”

Are Love Island U.S.A.’s Kassy and Leo Still Together?

‘Love Island U.S.A.’: Which Season 5 Couples Still Together?
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Kassy and Leo coupled up on day one in the villa. Despite Leo initially turning his head and deciding to pursue Anna Kurdy, he ultimately decided to recouple with Kassy after realizing their romantic connection. 

However, the tables turned once the couple separated for Casa Amor. Leo quickly found a connection with bombshell Johnnie Garcia, and their relationship quickly escalated to sex. Meanwhile, Kassy got to know Matia Marcantuoni and brought him back to the villa.

When Leo and Kassy reunited in the main villa, Leo realized his connection to Kassy was the strongest and worked to win her back. While the Texas native initially was skeptical, Leo and Kassy coupled up right before the finale and finished in second place. 

Leo and Kassy are still together and making their romance work outside the villa. “Had to visit Cali with my 4liferrr,” Kassy wrote via Instagram on September 1 alongside photos of their couple’s trip to Disneyland. “Thank you guys for all the love and support! I can’t express how much it means to me, I love y’all! @leonardo_dionicio and I can’t wait to share our journey with you guys.” 

Are Love Island U.S.A.’s Bergie and Taylor Still Together?

‘Love Island U.S.A.’: Are Bergie and Taylor Still Together?
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Bergie was seemingly dumped from the island on day one, but he was given a second chance and instead whisked away on a date with two bombshells. 

The Dairy Bell manager was unlucky in love during his time in the villa and it wasn’t until Casa Amor that he found a connection with Taylor. Bergie was smitten with the Texas native, but his family wasn’t so convinced. When the islanders received video calls from home, Bergie’s grandpa, who he is also named after, felt his relationship with Taylor wasn’t genuine. 

“Taylor is a beautiful woman but I have some reservations,” his grandpa began. “Because I haven’t seen spontaneous chemistry between the two of you. It looks more or less forced to me.” 

After placing in third place on the season 5 finale in August 2023, Bergie and Taylor are still together

“I went completely out of my comfort zone and went on a dating show! I put my heart out there for everyone to see, and tried to pursue a romantic connection while being filmed! Hardest and scariest thing I have ever done in my life!” Bergie shared via Instagram in September 2023. “Some may say I failed miserably, especially if you were watching those first few episodes! But, I ended up accomplishing everything I wanted to and more! I met Taylor and our relationship continues to grow and I can’t wait to see what this year brings for us!”

Are Love Island U.S.A.’s Carmen and Kenzo Still Together?

‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Are Carmen and Kenzo Still Together?
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Carmen and Kenzo both live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and faced claims early on that they knew each other due to their instant connection. 

“When I came in, Carmen was the first one that caught my eye. Like, right away,” the Mexico native told producers in a private confessional. “And so I think that chemistry right there that just started, it’s almost like set a fire and it just hasn’t gone away.” 

Kenzo’s brother directly addressed the claims from Kenzo’s Instagram while he was in the villa. “Kenzo never knew Carmen prior to the show and he stopped going to that gym months before,” he wrote in a statement on August 15. “And regarding them following each other before Love Island aired is not true. Whoever runs Carmen’s page started following Kenzo when they first coupled up.” 

Despite the drama, Carmen and Kenzo finished in fourth place on the August 28 finale and are still together.