Love Island U.S.A. couple Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo sparked a connection almost instantly, causing suspicion the couple already knew each other prior to their time on the show. After finishing in fourth place on the August 27 finale, are Carmen and Kenzo still together?

What Challenges Did Carmen and Kenzo Face in the ‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Villa?

Carmen is a nanny and model from Scottsdale, Arizona, who entered the villa on day three alongside fellow bombshell and first-place finisher, Hannah Wright. While she was initially coupled up with Victor Gonzalez, the Spanish wrestler did not like it when she began to show interest in Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen

After Kenzo arrived on day 10, he quickly gravitated toward Carmen as she was his usual type. “When I came in, Carmen was the first one that caught my eye. Like, right away,” the Mexico native told producers in a private confessional. “And so I think that chemistry right there that just started, it’s almost like set a fire and it just hasn’t gone away.” 

Did Carmen and Kenzo Know Each Other Outside of ‘Love Island U.S.A.’?

Carmen and Kenzo quickly formed a bond upon meeting in the villa; however, fans were convinced the pair had already met due to him being from the same city in Arizona and seemingly working out at the same gym. 

Kenzo’s brother directly addressed the claims from Kenzo’s Instagram while he was in the villa. “Kenzo never knew Carmen prior to the show and he stopped going to that gym months before,” he wrote in a statement on August 15. “And regarding them following each other before Love Island aired is not true. Whoever runs Carmen’s page started following Kenzo when they first coupled up.” 

‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Are Carmen and Kenzo Still Together?
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When the pair was separated during Casa Amor, Kenzo and Carmen weren’t tempted by any of the attractive new islanders and opted to sleep outside in respect of their partners. Rumors continued to ignite during their final date after Kenzo joked to Carmen that he could see her as his wife and wished he brought an engagement ring to Fiji. 

“Wife? Should’ve bought a ring? I’m starting to think the rumors about Kenzo and Carmen being together before the villa are true,” one user tweeted. Another added, “There’s no way Kenzo’s said he’s ready to ask Carmen to marry him soon??? They really are scammers.”

Are ‘Love Island U.S.A.’ Carmen and Kenzo Still Together?

After finishing in fourth place on the August 27 final, Carmen and Kenzo are still together. The pair traveled from Fiji and returned to Los Angeles together. 

“We are back,” Kenzo shared on August 28, alongside a picture of Carmen affectionally hugging him.