Bachelor in Paradise’s Aaron Schwartzman has quickly become a fan favorite after supporting his romantic connection, Sam Jeffries, through her medical troubles.

The pair found themselves in a “crappy” situation when Sam’s constipation threatened to get her sent home for medical treatment. While viewers were left with a cliffhanger about Sam’s status at the end of the third episode, fans were impressed by Aaron’s response to Sam’s issue.

Who Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Aaron Schwartzman?

Aaron first entered the Bachelor universe when he appeared in season 20 of The Bachelorette, where he fought for the attention of Charity Lawson. He was eliminated in episode 3. He later returned to the franchise for season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise.

What Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Aaron Schwartzman’s Job?

Aaron works as a fireman in San Diego, California. He also has a number of adventurous hobbies including paddleboarding, jet skiing, hiking and snowboarding. In October, he posted about trying bull riding.

Is ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Aaron Schwartzman Dating Anyone?

Since the beginning of the season, Aaron has been paired up with Sam, who previously appeared on season 26 of The Bachelor, where she failed to make a connection with Bachelor Clayton Echard and self-eliminated the first week.

However, in episode 3, Sam revealed that she was having health problems. “I’ve just been having some stomach issues and I am going on nine days of no pooping,” she said in a confessional.

Sam eventually told Aaron of her problem. He was very supportive and revealed that he was the right person to talk to because of his experience working in emergency services. “Little does she know, like, for my job, like, I deal with this all the time,” he said.

Who is Bachelor in Paradise star Aaron Schwartzman 544
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After Sam said she would need to deliver a “poo baby,” Aaron quipped that “it’s not your poop baby, it’s gonna be our poop baby.”

“We love a supportive man,” she responded.

He then brought Sam a “poo-poo platter” full of food that would help encourage movement, including black coffee, olive oil shots, a salad and beans.

“Sam is dope. I legitimately have a strong connection with her,” he later said in a confessional. “We made the best of it tonight and it was like this mini, like, one-on-one.”

So far, Aaron’s only connection is Sam, but it seems he’s developed a bromance while in paradise. In October 2023, he shared photos on Instagram of himself with Bachelor in Paradise costar Brayden Bowers. “Best friend hard launch,” he wrote in the caption.

What Happened to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Aaron Schwartzman and Brayden Bowers?

Last month, the friends made headlines after their boat sank during a fishing outing. They were stranded 15 to 20 miles off the coast of San Diego for more than three hours.

In October 2023, Aaron opened up about the experience on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. He explained his rescuers drove to what they thought was debris in the water, and they came just in time. “I maybe had two hours left,” he said before noting that it “definitely changed my perspective on life.”

He continued, “That definitely reset some of the things that I’m gonna do going forward and reset some of the things that I do when it comes to, you know, family and friends.”