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Hotter Than Kerosene! Miranda Lambert Loves To Flaunt Her Sexy Bare Legs in Daring Shorts, Skirts and More

When it comes to showing off some leg both in concert and in her personal life, country music superstar Miranda Lambert is the queen of miniskirts and short-shorts. She loves to flaunt her shapely legs any chance she gets, and thanks to the number of awards shows she attends, that’s a lot of mini dresses!

Miranda has been open about how her weight fluctuates and how she manages to keep wearing such sexy stage costumes and red carpet outfits.

“I’ve been all sizes. My whole life, I’ve struggled with ups and downs in weight. I’m only 5’4″ so weight shows quickly on me. I’ve hit a comfortable place; this is pretty much my size. I’m a size 6, give or take five pounds, depending on the day. It’s so good to find your place, ” she told Health magazine in November 2019.

“I don’t like being onstage worrying about my body. That’s the last thing I want to be thinking about. I don’t give my best performance when I’m distracted by my insecurities,” she added.

The “Little Red Wagon” songstress has been open about her love for vices, including beer, chips and queso and other delicious yet not so diet friendly food and drink items.

“I don’t have any rhyme or reason to my fitness routine or dieting. I’ve been on every diet. Every time I did low-carb, I would gain [the weight] back so quickly,” she told the publication. “Sometimes, I have a couple weeks where I just drink beer and eat cheeseburgers. And then I’ll go, ‘That was fun, but my stuff doesn’t fit.’ Then I’ll spend a month doing Pilates or riding a lot and running.”

Fortunately, her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, is a fitness fanatic who helps her stay motivated. “He does a pity run with me, and then he does his real run. It’s sad,” she said with a laugh, adding, “These days, I just try to feel good about myself and know that I’m trying.”

Miranda has definitely been feeling herself ever since she tied the knot with the hunky former New York City police officer in January 2019. Her red carpet outfits started getting shorter as she showed off more leg in sizzling short looks. Little black dresses became a staple of her awards show wardrobe and onstage performance ensembles, where she’d let the simplicity of a short black dress let her shapely legs get the attention they deserve.

Scroll down for Miranda’s sexiest leg photos.