We can’t wait! Nikki Bella dished that she wants a “big wedding” with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, but it may still be a while away. The pair announced their engagement on January 3 but want to enjoy this special time in their relationship before marriage.

“I’m super excited even though everything was really fast … I’m definitely going to take my time getting married,” the 36-year-old explained during the January 8 episode of “The Bellas Podcast” with her twin sister, Brie. “That was the one thing I told Artem is, I was like, ‘I do not want to plan a wedding anytime soon. I really want to take our time being engaged and just soak it in.’ But I’m extremely, extremely happy.”

nikki bella's engagement ring details

Unfortunately for fans, Nikki doesn’t forsee 2020 being her and Artem’s year to walk down the aisle, although she would consider “a courthouse thing” followed by a bigger reception down the line. However, she’s being pulled in a more lavish direction. “I still want to have that big wedding … So, I don’t know,” she confessed.

The Total Bellas star and Dancing With the Stars pro, 37, have a super loving and supportive relationship so it’s no wonder that they would want to celebrate in a big way. As for the destination, Nikki has some stunning locations in mind.

Paris is a “dream,” but reality star explained that it wouldn’t be easy for her grandmother to travel that far — so keeping it domestic would be a better option. “I always thought the Fall in Napa Valley or Lake Tahoe would just be gorgeous and amazing—fireplaces, wine, faux furs,” she divulged. Her cozy vibes fit with the time of year she was thinking because the WWE babe noted that she “always thought a Fall wedding would be so beautiful.”

Although Brie confessed that she thought their engagement was “too fast,” Nikki gushed over Artem’s romantic character. “Artem’s just taught me that love has no rules. It really doesn’t … And it’s so beautiful when it’s like that—when you can just love,” the bride-to-be said.

Congrats, Nikki and Artem!