The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newcomer Monica Garcia dropped multiple WTF moments during her season 4 debut – like the fact that she was Jen Shahs shoo-in assistant before the alum was sentenced to ​six and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud. After fans were informed Monica was an employee of the lavishly corrupt Bravo star, they’re wondering how she now earns money and if her association with Jen affected her net worth.

What ​ Is ‘RHOSLC’ Star Monica Garcia’s Net Worth?

Monica is with an estimated $300,000 to $1 million in 2023, according to multiple reports.

How Does ‘RHOSLC’ Star Monica Garcia Make Money?

Jen’s prison sentencing was bound to be a topic of conversation during the season 4 premiere as the previous season ended with her guilty plea. That being said, nobody was prepared for her former assistant to join the cast and spill all the tea!

During a confessional, Monica revealed that Jen never had anything nice to say about former bestie Heather Gay and she would talk to Lisa Barlow on the phone, pretending to be the convicted Bravo star. However, the real bombshell exploded when Monica admitted to being a member of the United States Federal Witness Protection Program against Jen.

“Jen had fired her assistant and I stepped in to help her. And one night, Jen asked me, ‘Do you want to be rich? Do you want to make $600,000 a year? All you have to do is put this, this, and this in your name. I remember being so weirded out – It was very bizarre,’” Monica said during the season 4 premiere confessional. “I have a friend in the Secret Service, and I called him, and he said, ‘Get the f–k away from Jen Shah, she’s going to prison.’ And she was arrested two months later. And that is how I became a witness.”

Meredith Andrews/Bravo

These days, Monica is the founder and creative director of baby supply brand Brea Baby.

Was Monica Garcia Friends ​With the Cast Before Joining ‘RHOSLC’?

Due to her involvement with Jen, Monica met and created friendships with some of the existing cast before she joined the show. While costars Angie Katsanevas and Heather welcomed her into the group with open arms, Lisa claimed she knew of Monica through passing.

“I didn’t really know Monica. I had talked to Monica briefly on the phone … but other than that, I didn’t really know Monica, so I came in open-minded and hoping that it was going to be a positive experience and that Jen was not her muse,” Lisa told Entertainment Tonight on September 5.

The Vida tequila cofounder echoed the same statement during the season 4 premiere where she remembered seeing Monica at an airport while running an errand for Jen.

Tensions between Lisa and Monica will rise throughout the season, and they seemingly have not cleared the air as the OG cropped the rookie out of the cast photo via Instagram.

After the season premiere aired, the entrepreneur called out Lisa for her comments.

“WHEW!!!!! The first photo was taken June 17, 2022. Didn’t realize I was so unrecognizable with my fair skin back then too. The way some people are so damn comfortable lying. It’s WILD. First of all, I wasn’t meeting Jen at the airport, LISA,” Monica wrote via Instagram on September 6. “I met YOU at the airport because YOU were ALSO running an ‘errand’ for Jen. That was actually the first time we met in person. Aside from our countless phone convos, but keep comin with all that bs. Unreal.”