Courtesy of Madisson Hausburg

Congrats! Siesta Key star Madisson Hausburg is pregnant and expecting baby No. 1 with fiancé Ismael “Ish” Soto. 

“Mom and dad,” the MTV starlet, 27, announced via Instagram on Wednesday, August 4, keeping the comments on the post turned off. Her due date is January 1, 2022.

Siesta Key's Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto Pregnant, Baby No. 1
Madisson Hausburg/Instagram

Madisson and Ish, 47, first met through Siesta Key. Prior to their romance, he was a coexecutive producer on the Florida-based reality show. They revealed their relationship at the start of season 3 and got engaged in August 2020.

Although they haven’t walked down the aisle yet, the couple has been very serious about their future together. Madisson told Life & Style in June 2020 that she and the former MTV producer were on “the same page” about having kids. 

“I’ve had a few conversations about it,” the model teased, while noting “three kids” sounded like the magic number.

The couple has received a lot of skepticism about their relationship due to their 20-year age gap — from fans and their inner circles. Siesta Key viewers even saw Madisson’s parents have reservations when they met Ish for the first time. Since then, the mom-to-be assured her family has “definitely come around” and accepted her man. 

“I think now they’re just seeing him for who he is rather than an age difference but of course, I mean the age difference will always be there and it’s always something we’re going to have to deal with,” she explained. “I that’s a big thing … I come to the realization this season, you know? It’s not something I can just ignore anymore. It’s not something I can just say, ‘It’s OK.’ Because it’s something I do think about and it’s something I will always deal with. So, it’s something I have to face rather than just push to the side.”

As for their wedding, the couple has pumped the brakes since the coronavirus pandemic hit. 

“It’s really tough planning a wedding in COVID, you know? It’s something we obviously never planned for,” Madisson said in 2020. “I’ve watched a lot of my friends who had planned to get married this past year — the past couple of years — and their weddings are canceled and their whole lives are in turmoil. So, we didn’t want to go and plan something and then have it canceled.”

In the end, the duo is holding off until further notice. “There was a lot of hesitation … his parents are older, my parents are older and just having people in large groups … it’s a scary thing right now,” the former preschool teacher noted. “It’s been a very tough process; very overwhelming, for sure.”

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