So. Much. Yes. Skylar Grey has worked with tons of heavy-hitters in the music industry, like Eminem and Macklemore, and she exclusively revealed to Life & Style that she’s recently added Celine Dion to her list of collaborations. The artist and her fiancé, Elliott Taylor, felt inspired by the iconic singer’s new chapter of her personal life, so they wrote a song — because why not? — and it’s currently in the works.

“One of my dream things, other than working with Eminem, which I checked off the list, is working with Celine Dion,” the 33-year-old confirmed. “We, together, wrote Celine Dion a song and she’s singing it. It’s coming out this fall.”

While Elliott confirmed that the track “is about love,” the couple wasn’t able to divulge any more details about the surprising collab. “When I found out she was cutting the song, I was bawling. I burst into tears, I was so happy,” the “Everything I Need” songstress confessed.

Skylar Grey Confirmed She Wrote Song for Celine Dion
Courtesy Skylar Grey/Instagram

Skylar explained that the “Let It Out” artist was the one who first cooked up the idea. “He actually saw something … about her and her new boyfriend and was like, ‘Babe, we should write Celine Dion a song about finding new love.'” The two brainstormed while “trying to imagine ourselves going through what she did.” Skylar added, “[She] found new love. We were trying to emotionally get there so we spent two hours discussing that and then the concept marinated for a while and then we put it to music and sent it off to her.”

Getting into a romantic mindset wasn’t too far of a jump for Skylar and Elliott. The blonde beauty acknowledged that her latest single, “Shame on You,” and “most of the songs” on her latest project Angel With Tattoos — which she is calling an “open-ended album” — are about her longtime beau. Even the project title is Elliott’s sweet nickname from Skylar. “I’m in love and happy and that’s really reflecting in my music,” she gushed.

“This is pretty much the first project I’ve ever done where I’ve been madly in love so there’s really happy, feel-good love songs for the most part,” the Grammy nominee said. The 70s vibe of the project is also an ode to the tunes of Skylar’s childhood. “I spent a good amount of time in the studio with a lot of writers and producers trying to figure out where I wanted to go next with my artist career and stumbled upon this sound when I got in the room with Dave Bassett. It just really brought me back to the music I grew up listening to like Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Fleetwood Mac.”

The singer keeping the project “open-ended” means there’s more freedom and, in turn, more music. “I don’t know how many songs are going to end up being on it … As I write songs in this style, I’ll keep adding them to the project over time,” she explained. Her plan at the moment is to release “a little five-song package that’ll be out pretty soon and I’ll keep adding to that.” So, keep an eye out for new drops coming in the next few weeks.

~Shame on you~ for making us completely obsessed!