America’s Got Talent judges Sofía Vergara and Heidi Klum don’t get on as well as they make out on-air — sources exclusively tell Life & Style the Colombian actress’ eating habits are grossing out her calorie-counting co-star.

“They are civil and go online with plenty of showy selfies, but that’s as far as it goes,” says a show insider.

The Modern Family alum, 51, is known for her curves and her love of digging into a plate of pasta, while the 50-year-old model sticks to a pared-down diet to maintain her fit figure.

“They don’t have much in common besides their jobs on America’s Got Talent and don’t share the same tastes in style, mannerisms and especially food! Heidi has dieted most of her life and she’s strict about what goes into her body,” says a source. “A meal for her is raw veggies and fruit, while Sofía loves to eat and makes a big show of it, almost like she’s rubbing it in Heidi’s face.”

Adds the insider, “People wonder how Sofía stays so slim given the amount she eats!”

Sources say the frenemies play nice for the camera, but behind the scenes everyone can see it’s a forced friendship.