If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering what Sonja Morgan was thinking on the May 29 episode of Real Housewives of New York, when she hit the floor after a drunken first night in Miami with her costars. The 55-year-old spoke with Life & Style exclusively about what happened that raucous evening with Bethenny Frankel — and how the “welcome drinks” can be a bit deadly in the sunshine.

“When Bethenny said to me ‘go to sleep,’ I was like ‘OK I’ll go to sleep’ but I have FOMO, I have fear of missing out,” Sonja exclusively revealed about her intoxicated motives that night. “I was already asleep, I was already asleep at the table having a great time with my friends, I’m like ‘why do I have to go to sleep?’ … and then it was like ‘OK I’ll go to sleep.'”

RHONY star Sonja Morgan makes out with a woman at the bar
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The blonde babe even mimed passing out, a nod to the moment she stood up from the table in Miami on episode 13. Her friend Bethenny wasn’t having it, and she definitely tried putting Sonja in her place. But ultimately, the fashion designer was able to look back at the incident with a lot of clarity.

“That’s another thing, good advice, and well learned myself, when you’re not drinking very much for maybe a couple of months or three months, you can’t get to your vacation on that first night and do the blowout night and drink alcohol you never drank before,” she warned. “I’ve never drank rum, it just went down like water, the welcome drinks, hadn’t eaten all day on the travel day, didn’t sleep before because I was worried I was going to oversleep and miss my flight. Ya know, all of those factors added up to KABOOM.”

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Plus, she felt comfortable in her surroundings, which always helps when you want to get a little loose. “But again, if you’re out with your girlfriends and you’re renting a house and you have security and ya know, you’re pretty much safe,” she said. “I don’t do that normally. It was a one-off moment.”

Our girl Sonj loves a good drink, so we wouldn’t blame her if a “one-off moment” turned into two or three-off real soon. Cheers!