Mom life! Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan has been on her game as a mom for the last season, prepping her daughter, Quincy Morgan, to get into her dream college. The 55-year-old reality star gave Life & Style an exclusive update on the 18-year-old’s progress and prospects — and you know she’s killing it.

“Well, she got in and she’s off to college this season. So right now we’re packing up everything for her to leave this month in August,” the proud mama revealed to LS. “I can’t say where she’s going, obviously, but um, for security reasons, but that was very stressing the last year while I was filming the show. Her taking her SATS, but yeah, she got into a very fine college. I’m very proud.”

What’s more is her daughter is already finding success in her creative endeavors — a great sign for a young student who is about to take on the world.

Sonja and Quincy Morgan
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“And she has an art show tonight. So from here we go to her first solo art show. Also the townhouse is vacant again,” she explained about her post-college life without her daughter. “So now the landlord side kicks in. I have to find another renter for the townhouse. We’re living in a cute little two-bedroom on Columbus Circle. Um, I love the fireplace with the balconies. So, so nice. I’m so much lighter since you saw me last.”

She’s lighter — in one sense, anyway. Sonja also dished on her little fight with costar Tinsley Mortimer during Pride. “Well, I didn’t think it was cool that a Bravolebrity, you know, I didn’t think that was cool to put that out there when we’re not filming. It was about Pride. It was about loving and caring and being yourself,” the blonde beauty explained.

But Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga absolutely needed to be filled in on the drama involving the RHONY babes and RHOC star Kelly Dodd. “Wait what did I miss?” the New Jersey native asked.

Sonja Morgan Melissa Gorga and Porsha Williams

“Some girl, one of our fellow Bravo people, put out a video of me and Tinsley fighting. Tinsley comes in like a wet blanket all the time. It’s like, I don’t have a boyfriend, etc, she was like complaining about the past seasons about her dog,” Sonja explained the scenario. “So then it elevated into, I got your back girl, weren’t you on the show? Weren’t you living with me? And it just escalated into a huge fight. So, the same old fight. And we’re sisters again, we’re family. I’ll never not be there for Tinsley. She’ll never not be there for me. So we can go there. We just thought we were in private. But no, Tinsley and I will always be like that together.”

Porsha Williams, Sonja Morgan, and Melissa Gorga teamed up with Fiber One for their “Work Done” music video, to debut the brand’s new 70 calories bar.