16 Celebrities Who Were Like “F–k It, I’ll Go Naked” for Halloween

Our favorite holiday, Halloween, is just around the corner, and as celebrities have proven time and time again, costumes that leave very little to the imagination are a hot commodity in Hollywood. From Britney Spears to Blac Chyna, stars aren’t shy about showing skin on October 31 — so much so that sometimes it feels like celebrities are competing to see who can be the most naked on the big day. After all, once you have stars just wearing their lingerie as an ensemble, it gets pretty tricky to continuously raise the bar on sexy costumes. Nevertheless, many celebs have proven that they are more than up for the challenge.

Take Chyna for instance. Before she was a well-known star who was shacking up with Rob Kardashian and getting entangled in all that drama, she was Amber Rose‘s clingy friend who showed up to events looking stylish and important. In 2014, though, she ruffled a few feathers when she stepped out in a sheer nun outfit that revealed pretty much her entire body. The only thing keeping her important bits covered was a black leather cross that stretched across her torso. “I do what I wanna,” she wrote on Instagram after posting pics of herself wearing the racy ensemble. We guess that was her way of saying she didn’t care about the backlash or what people thought.

But after Chyna showed off the goods, other stars followed suit by upping the ante, whether that was by wearing smaller and smaller undies or just skipping them entirely. (Hey, we guess that’s one way to save on fabric costs). And, honestly, it makes us wonder where celebs can go next on the “naked” meter. No other costume has come close to the ones that we found so far. Check out the gallery below to see the sexiest and raciest costumes celebs have worn.

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