Summer House star Amanda Batula shut down speculation that she’s more than friends with costar Jesse Solomon.

“You guys are out of control,” Amanda, 32, said in a TikTok video shared on Tuesday, May 15, which was a response asking her about “the trending search being Jesse Solomon” on one of her previous posts.

Fans have wondered about Jesse, 30, and Amanda’s relationship status after they seemingly exchanged several flirty messages on social media. The flirting has shocked many fans, as Amanda has been married to Kyle Cooke since 2021.

“This is what you’ve done to the search bar on my videos now,” Amanda continued in the clip. “Enough. It’s never gonna happen.”

While Amanda has starred on the Bravo show since season 2, Jesse made his reality TV debut during the current season 8. He initially expressed interest in costar Paige DeSorbo by flirting with her during early episodes, though fans recently became convinced that he is interested in Amanda.

Not only have the costars fueled romance rumors by sharing flirty messages on social media, but the speculation increased when Jesse posted a video via TikTok that showed Amanda resting her head on his chest.

The video made its way to X on Monday, May 13, with one fan writing, “This is bonks, right?”

The social media user expanded the thread by sharing more speculation about their dynamic, including an alleged screenshot of Jesse telling Amanda she is “so hot” under an Instagram post. However, it seems that the Instagram comment has since been deleted.

While Amanda has shut down the rumors, neither Kyle, 41, nor Jesse have commented on the speculation.

Fans have watched Kyle and Amanda hit a rough patch in their marriage during season 8. In a February episode, Amanda admitted she had “no patience” with her husband. She then explained that a past pregnancy scare, which was featured during season 3 of Winter House, played into their problems.

Summer House’s Amanda Batula Slams Jesse Solomon Flirting Speculation: 'Out of Control'
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“There’s a reason that I come back to the house every year and it is to spend time with people other than Kyle,” Amanda explained in a confessional. “Over the winter, I ended up taking a pregnancy test. And I feel like ever since, we haven’t been in a really good place. Taking that test really made us start to think about like what’s next for us. And we’re not ready.”

Meanwhile, Kyle said that he and Amanda weren’t on the “same page” during an April episode.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.