Party of five? Bachelor in Paradise alum Tanner Tolbert says wife Jade Roper “definitely” wants a third child. “I was hesitant to start, but I feel like I’m starting to lean, you know, on Jade’s camp a little bit,” the dad of two exclusively tells Life & Style.

However, the 33-year-old reality stud admits “it feels like a lot,” and he has a “stipulation” for baby No. 3. “I want to do it soon,” he notes, while explaining how the couple has used Nutrisystem to stay healthy. “I want to get out of this diaper stage as quickly as possible and … take my lickings all at once. So, if we decide to, I think it will be sooner than later.”

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert Wear Matching Pajamas With Daughter Emerson and Son Brooks
Courtesy Jade Roper/Instagram

Of course, it takes two people to make a baby and the brunette beauty, 33, gave birth less than a year ago. “It’s easy for the guy to say that, right?” Jade quips in response to her hubby’s request. “Yeah, I’m not the one carrying it,” acknowledges Tanner.

The parents have been adjusting to quarantine life amid the coronavirus pandemic with their daughter, Emerson, 2, and newborn son Brooks, 9 months. “Being in quarantine with your significant other is way different with and without kids,” admits the former Bachelorette contestant.

“Yeah, by now it just feels like Groundhog Day. You wake up and it’s the same thing over and over,” explains Jade. “But, [in] the same aspect, it’s been nice to have the kids give us routine.” Tanner agrees the kids help the day “go faster,” but adds he’s “slightly envious” of their friends without kids and the freedom they have.

Jade Liz Roper and Tanner Tolbert with Emmy and Brooks
Courtesy of Jade Roper/Instagram

While their little ones are happy and busy while social distancing at home, Tanner notes the current situation has been “hard” on their marriage. The Bachelor Nation stars don’t have “that husband and wife time, it’s just parent time all day.” Jade adds they don’t have “time to communicate,” so they’ve been forced to get “creative” when it comes to dealing with any issues that come up between them. 

“That’s probably been the hardest thing for us because we don’t have our normal schedule and the ability to do things as husband and wife,” says Tanner. 

We think the gorgeous couple is killing it with their two kiddos, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

Reporting by Katie Bruno