Taylor Swift sent fans buzzing by leaving out a key lyric about football in her song “Fifteen” during her Thursday, March 7, Eras tour show in Singapore, the same night boyfriend Travis Kelce arrived on the island.

The Grammy winner, 34, omitted the lyrics, “Well, in your life you’ll do things / Greater than dating the boy on the football team / I didn’t know it at ​15,” while performing the number on the piano in a mashup with “You’re on Your Own, Kid.” It came during her second surprise song segment of night four, as seen in fan concert footage posted via TikTok.

“Fifteen” was a wistful song about youth and love that appeared on her 2008 debut album Fearless. She only sang the first portion of the tune before transitioning to “YOYOK,” as the line about football that was left out came towards the end of the song.

Still, Swifties couldn’t help but wonder about the omission, especially since she’s been dating three-time Super Bowl champ Travis, 34, since August 2023, as various theories sprung up on social media.

“Taylor performing Fifteen but not singing the line about dating the boy on the football team… criminal,” one person commented on X about her leaving out the lyric. Another added, “How do we feel about Taylor skipping the line ‘in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team’ during fifteen x yoyok mashup………….. I don’t feel well.”

Taylor Swift s Cuts Line From Fifteen About Football 617
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However, another thought it was sweet revenge about her best friend from high school, Abigail Anderson, as that was the time when Taylor penned the tune.

“Fifteen x YOYOK: Travis was the guy on the football team who broke Abigail’s heart in hs and now Taylor is carrying out their 20 yr revenge plot to destrooooy him,” the user wrote.

“The implications of Taylor playing Fifteen, skipping the ‘in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team’ and then mashing it up with yoyok and keeping the friendship bracelet line in…” another wondered.

Taylor sang the full version of “You’re on Your Own Kid” – which appeared on 2022’s Midnights – including the lines, “So make the friendship bracelets / Take the moment and taste it / You’ve got no reason to be afraid.”

Travis famously tried to meet Taylor and give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it at one of her July 2023 Eras tour shows in Kansas City. When he later recalled on his “New Heights” podcast how he was “butt hurt” about being unable to give it to her, Taylor found out and became enchanted. The pair got in touch, and it was the beginning of their storied romance.

The couple are soon to be reunited after Travis had an emotional week in the U.S., as his older brother, Jason Kelce, announced on Monday, March 4, that he was retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons. Travis was at the news conference and broke down in tears as Jason recalled times together in their childhood.

The brothers later traveled to their hometown of Cleveland where the Cavaliers held a Kelce Brothers bobblehead night for NBA fans. After that, Travis and his entourage boarded a private plane and headed to Singapore with a stop-over in Dubai.

Several of Travis’ pals let fans know they were in Singapore, including Henry Clark, who showed a panorama view of the surrounding high-rises from their suite at the famed Marina Bay Sands resort. He was aboard the plane with the Chiefs superstar’s other pals including comanager André A Eanes.

While they arrived too late on Taylor’s Eras tour night four in Singapore, there are still shows on March 8 and 9 where Travis and her friends can cheer on his girlfriend.