Did Clare Crawley luck out on this season of The Bachelorette or what?! As far as contestants go, her group of eligible bachelors are some of the best the franchise has ever seen — and that includes Riley Christian. The 30-year-old has already distinguished himself as one of the leading lady’s top contenders. To learn more about Riley’s job and what he does for a living, keep reading! 

Riley Christian is a successful attorney:

After graduating from a small college in Ohio, Riley attended Syracuse School of Law. According to his official ABC biography, he now works as an attorney practicing medical malpractice in New York City.

Clare Crawley's 'Bachelorette' Contestant Riley Christian Is a Successful Attorney — Get to Know Him!
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Riley Christian loves to dance:

During season 16, episode 2 of The Bachelorette, Riley pulled Clare aside during the group date and invited her to slow dance. Granted, there was no music playing in the background, but the pair pretended they were listening to Boyz II Men. Clare was so taken with Riley’s romantic side that she ended up awarding him the group date rose.

Riley Christian knows how to defend himself:

As viewers already know, Yosef Aborady is 100 percent the villain of Clare’s season — and as a result, he butts heads with a lot of the guys, especially Riley. After Clare expressed she was disappointed in the group, Yosef, 30, attempted to apologize for everyone. (It went very poorly and he called her “crazy.”) However, Riley wasn’t having it. “At the end of the day, nobody speaks for me,” Riley told Yosef. “You can speak for the group … I speak for myself. I may have a completely different opinion from you.”

Riley Christian wants children:

“He can’t wait to have a family of his own and Riley plans to be an amazing father,” his bio reads. “In fact, he’s already planning his first family vacay — a tour of every single MLB stadium in the country.” How sweet!

Riley Christian is on social media:

“Be yourself,” with a peace sign emoji is Riley’s Instagram bio. Based on his posts, he loves hanging out with friends, wearing swanky outfits and enjoying the landscape of New York City.

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