He’s one of the good ones! The Bachelorette’s Xavier Bonner may have a slow burn during his journey to love with season 20 lead Charity Lawson, but he has quickly become a fan favorite. Xavier seemingly checks all the right boxes, like staying away from the drama and knitting during his free time instead. Keep reading to learn more about his job, family and more.

Where Is The Bachelorette’s Xavier Bonner From?

Some may say it’s fate, but Xavier resides in the same state as Charity in Carrboro, North Carolina.

What Is The Bachelorette’s Xavier Bonner’s Job?

… impressive, is what it is! Xavier received his PhD and works as a ​biomedical scientist. Although his academic and occupational achievements are highly respected, the reason for his job is even better.

“My mom suffers from an autoimmune disease, so I’d attribute my interest in science to her,” he said during his intro.

Is The Bachelorette’s Xavier Bonner Close to His Family?

Xavier is a true family man and admires his parents’ relationship.

“Xavier’s parents, who’ve been happily married for 30 years, embody the type of relationship he wants to find,” his official ABC bio reads. “Xavier says he most admires his mom and wants to find a partner who can give their children the kind of love he received as a kid.”

The Bachelorette's Xavier Bonner: Job, Family, Charity Update

During a July 11 Instagram Q&A, Xavier shared just how much his mom means to him.

After an online follower asked what quotes he lives by and what drives him, Xavier replied, “Anything my mom says. Also, my mom drives me.”

Xavier Bonner and Charity Lawson Have Chemistry

After getting acquainted with his surroundings in the Bachelor mansion for two weeks, Xavier made a memorable move during week 3.

While his castmates Brayden Bowers and Adrian Hassan were involved with major drama, Xavier was busy knitting Charity a scarf made with love.

Fans saw the University of North Carolina PhD ​candidate working on the sweet project while on the bus to the Ken-themed group date, to later watch him present it to Charity later at the cocktail party.

Xavier did an Instagram Q&A on July 11 and dished on the DIY gift after a fan asked how much yarn he brought on the show.

“Just enough to make her that scarf but I got more after. Tune in next week,” he teased.

Does Xavier Bonner End Up With Charity Lawson?

Listen, we don’t want to spoil the season for you. So proceed with caution. Find out how far Xavier makes it on The Bachelorette, here.