Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner teased fans with hints about the shocking upcoming season finale, saying it’s “something that’s never happened before.”

“You’re going to be amazed,” the 72-year-old said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight ​on Thursday, November 9. “I think you will be moved as much as I was moved in the moment.”

The interview comes on the heels of the ​Women Tell All taping as fans wait for Gerry’s decision regarding the two remaining women — Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. Golden Bachelor host Jesse Palmer revealed a sneak peak of the Fantasy Suite episode in the Thursday, November 9 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and both women admit to falling for the retired restaurant owner.

“I love this guy, and I want to start sharing a life with him,” Leslie, 64, admitted in the preview, while Theresa, 70, called the feeling of being in love with Gerry “amazing.”

Gerry comically noted that people his age do, indeed, still “knock boots,” but he expanded on how he felt about the Fantasy Suites in general during an interview on the Tamron Hall Show.

“I found the fantasy suites to be the perfect moment to connect intellectually and emotionally with these women, where I could have conversations that weren’t basically in front of our grandchildren,” Gerry explained.

'Golden Bachelor' finalists Leslie, Faith, and Theresa wait for Gerry's final decision. Gerry promised fans a shocking season finale.
Disney/John Fleenor

Fans also saw Gerry struggling with the final decision looming ahead. The Golden Bachelor star confessed to being in love with both women, but wonders “who [he] would be happiest with for the rest of [his] life.” The clip also showed Theresa and Leslie telling Gerry’s family both of them would accept a proposal from him, making his choice even more complicated.

“I want to be engaged, but the possibility is there that I could make the wrong choice. No matter what someone’s going to come out of this situation hurt beyond what I can imagine,” Gerry tells Jesse in the preview. “It just isn’t worth all of this. I took a good person and broke their heart. The only time I’ve ever felt worse in my whole life is when my wife passed away and this is a goddamn close second.”

Audiences were shocked when Gerry previously decided to send frontrunner Faith Martin home in the Thursday, November 9 episode of The Golden Bachelor. Faith received the first impression rose and many viewers thought she was poised to win it all. While Faith was very obviously hurt with the decision, Gerry apologized to her during the Women Tell All special.

“I was genuinely in love with you during those moments,” Gerry tearfully said. “At some point, when I had three women that are beyond-description-wonderful, I had to figure out which was the right one. That doesn’t mean that the other two are any less wonderful or less important or any less lovable, it just meant that one was right.”

Faith admitted that she understood but told Gerry that in her heart “it still hurts.”

The Golden Bachelor finale airs on November 30.