The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner said that the fantasy suites were not just for “knocking boots” with the final two women competing for his heart on the show.

While appearing on the Tuesday, November 7, episode of the Tamron Hall Show, Gerry, 72, explained that he viewed the fantasy suites as a bigger opportunity than to just be physically intimate.

“I found the fantasy suites to be the perfect moment to connect intellectually and emotionally with these women, where I could have conversations that weren’t basically in front of our grandchildren,” Gerry explained.

The reality star added that it was difficult for him to have certain conversations “on camera and mic’d” because he knew that he and the ladies were essentially speaking “in front of your grandkids.”

During the November 2 episode, fans watched Gerry meet Faith Martin, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist’s families during their hometown dates. He gave his first rose to Leslie, 64, during the rose ceremony, though the episode concluded before he chose between Faith, 60, and Theresa, 70.

While Gerry admitted on the show that he developed strong feelings for all three women, he told Tamron, 53, that he wasn’t sure if he understood the difference between “falling in love and being in love.” However, he did assure fans that he was able to narrow down the three women and ultimately determine a winner.

“Those three women, I was in love with or I love them, however you want to say it,” he said. “They were unique, genuine women. And by the end of my journey, I realized, of course, that only one of them was the woman I can’t live without.”

Fans will get to watch the fantasy suites play out during the Thursday, November 9, episode, which airs on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

Before the rose ceremony took place during the November 2 episode, Gerry told the cameras that he was in an “impossible situation” when it came to choosing between the women after the hometown dates.

Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner Opens Up About Fantasy Suites: ‘Perfect Moment’
Raymond Hall/GC Images

“I recognize that I’ve developed a bond and a connection with all three of you and these hometowns mean more than just three of you and more than just me,” he said during the rose ceremony. “Now, families are involved and that makes it all that much harder, but I remind myself that this is my journey and this is one more step that I have to make before I’m to the point where I can find my true love, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

After he gave Leslie the first rose, Gerry said he felt like he was going to “throw up.”

“I’m looking at two women who either one could be my partner for the rest of my life,” he said. “Having to send someone home is gut-wrenching. I’m dying inside a little bit right at this moment.”